DUKE Families of Nansemond County, Virginia; before 1750 by Fred Duke
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New Norfolk Co-- formed in 1636 from the portion of the Elizabeth City Co on the south side of the river.

Lower Co of New Norfolk -- formed in 1637 (later termed LOWER NORFOLK CO)

Upper Co of Norfolk -- formed in 1637 (later named UPPER NORFOLK CO and name changed to NANSEMOND CO in 1642)

( I II II IV and V indicate Cavaliers and Pioneers Deed Book Volume , pa = page number in that volume)

25 Jan 1634 Tho. DEWE was a witness to a grant (no county mentioned) concerning four persons transported ( I pa 56)

19 May 1637 THOMAS HAMPTON 700 acs. Up Co of New Norf. " In Nansamund Riv., E upon same , W into the woods, S upon two small Indian feilds near adj. unto Powell’s Cr. & Nly. downward the sd. river" (I pa56)

19 May 1637 THOMAS HAMPTON, Clerke, 200 ac. same Co., date and page. "Ely. upon Nansmund Riv., W into the woods, S upon land of Thomas Hampton & Nly. down ward the sd. river"

21 Sept 1637 THOMAS HAMPTON, Clerke, 100 acs. Up Co. New Norf. "Bounded N. Ely. with the parting of the S & W branches of the Nansumund Riv. Sly. with a small Cr. or Sw. parting the sd. ground (being an old Indian feild) from the woodland ground &Wly. into the woods , most of sd. ground being an old Indian feild."

24 Feb 14-25 1638 "Nans. River alias MATREVERS" (I pa 103)

24 July 1638 RANDALL CREW (to be referred to later) was granted 750 acs. Up. Co. of New Norfolk , "E. upon a Cr. in Nansamund Riv. N. upon the river , W. along same & S. into the woods, the land being called by the name of Georg his feild"(I pa94)

[CFD Note: a part of Upper New Norfolk Co. became Nansemond in 1642]

1 Aug 1638 THOMAS DEWE was granted 400 acs. "in Nansamund River, Up. Norf. Co. -- lying about one line from the plantation of Thomas Powell. 200 acs. by assignment of Thomas Powell & 200 acs. due from Trans. of 4 pers." (I pa 95)

10 Oct 1638 THOMAS DEW 300 acs. Up. Norf. Co. "In Nansamund Riv., beg. at a small Cr. at the old Indian Towne, S.E. into the woods a small island being opposite against sd. land. Due for Trans. for 6 pers. (Renewed 18 Jan 1643 & 450 acs. added)

10 Oct 1838 John Wright was granted 200 acs. Up. Co. New Norfolk. "Beg. at the miles end of land of THOMAS DEWE , GENT. (I pa116)

4 Nov 1639 THOMAS HAMPTON, Clerk, "a tract of land in James City Island on a ridge of land between 2 swamps behind the Church. Due by virture of an Act of Assembly at James City Feb. 20 1836, as in other pattens." (I pa 118)

22 Apr 1640 John Geary, 250 acs. Up. Norfolk Co. "Bet. land late in the possession of MR. THOMAS DEW and by him assigned to Thomas Davis & land now in possession of Thomas Powell bounded N. W. on the S. branch of MATRAVERS." (I pa119)

7 Nov 1640 THOMAS DEW 250 acs. Up. CO. New Norfolk, " Upon his own land, running E. by S. through a reedy Poquoson etc. 50 acs. fro Trans. of 1 per. & 200 acs. by assignment from John Wright. " (I pa118)

13 Nov 1640 RANDALL CREW, 450 acs. Up. Co. New Norf. "Upon a creek issuing from the Southern Br. of Nasamund Riv., opposite to Georges feild, behind land of THOMAS DEW, bounded on W. by the maine Poquoson, etc." (I pa 122)

[CDF Note: in 1642 Nansemond Co created from Upper Norfolk which has been created as New Norfolk in 1636 from Elizabeth City. Upper and lower Norfolk formed in 1637.]

6 Jan 1642 Mr William Brookes, 300 acs. Up.Co. New Norfolk. "Upon the W. side of the Southern Br. of Nansamund River, beg. opposite land of THOMAS DEW & adj. Thomas Hampton, Clerke." (I pa 141)

6 Jan 1642 Mr. William Tucker 250 acs. Up. Norf. Co "Upon W. side of the Southern Br. of Nansimund Riv., adj. Thomas Hampton, Clerke." (I pa 141)

8 Jan 1643 THOMAS DEW Gent. 750 acs. Up. Norf. Co. "Upon the Ewd. side of the Swd. br. of Nansamund River, beg. at the mouth of Craney Cr. opposite to 2 small islands called Craney & New Haven river , & adj. Mr. Randel Crew." 300 acs. by former patent & 450 acs. due for Trans. of 9 pers. His own Per. adv. Georg Speevy -- and others" (1 pa151)

22 Dec 1643 John Carter 300 acs. Up. Norf. Co. "Upon Wwd. side of the Southern Br. of Nansamund River over against land of Mr. THOMAS DEW & near William Tucker." (I pa150)

[CFD Note: see William Tucker grant 6 Jan 1642 (I pa141)]

25 Feb 1638 Abraham Peltree 50 acs., Up. Co. of New Norf. "within Nansamund Riv. alias MATRAVERS Riv. S. upon Mr. Randall Crew his Cr., E. towards the Sw. , W. towards the maine river & N. towards the land of Thomas Powell. Due for his per. Adv. (I pa 102)

24 Feb 1638 Robert Brassure & Peter Rey 600acs. Up. Co. of New Norf., "Upon Nansamund River alias Matravers Riv. Due by assignment from Peter Johnson." (I pa103)

[CFD Note: In 1646 Governor William Berkley sent two expeditions against the Indians of the Albemarle Sound region -- one led by Richard Bennet and the other by COLONEL THOMAS DEW. (from the book "History of a Southern State - North Carolina" pa 14)]

9 Sept 1648 Randall Crew 460 acs. Nacemund Co. "Upon Ewd. side of the Southern Br. of Nancemund Riv., beg. on Nwd. side of the mouth of Crany Cr. adj. land of William Hartfeild." (I pa 177)

1 Apr 1648 Capt. John Blake 150 acs. at the head of Parker’s Cr. adj. land of Silvester Baker" (I pa 358)

1 Apr 1658 Silvester Baker 250 acs. "Beg. at the head of Parker’s Cr. joining his own land." (I pa258)

29 Mar 1666 Edward Vaughan 100acs. in the upper parrish of Nancimond Co., "beg. at cor. tree of Silvester Baker’s land, running S.W. 320 po. on the miles end of Randolph Crewes land, buttin on the land of Rich. Parker, S.E. & joyning land of Mr. Wright & Tho. Harrowes--" (I pa 558-569)

6 Feb 1667 Capt. Thomas Godwin (Godwyn) 179 acs. in Chuccatuck Parish, adj. lands of Hopkin Howell , Jermy Rutter, Jno DUKES, Tho. Beest & Jno. Thomas. (II pa31).

From Early Quaker Records in Virginia

7 June 1671 Thomas Duke: sonn to the aforsaid Thomas Duke borne the 7th day of the 6th month 1671 (pa40)

10 October 1674 : Mary Duke , daughter to the aforsaid Thomas Duke borne: the 10th day of the 10th month 1674.

25 Feb 1673/1674 Col. John Blake 450 acs. Nansemond Co PLUS 800 acs. on Mathews Cr. a br. of the S. br. of Nazemond Riv., Adj. Col. Tho. DEW & Geo Spivey:--" (II pa142)

10 Oct 1670 Col. Thomas DEW 750 acs. Up. Norf. Co. "one the E’wd side of the S’n br. pf Nanzemond Riv., S’wd side of Crany Cr. opposite Crane & Nehokin Islands ; & adj. Mr. Randall Crew; 10 Oct 1670/ Granted sd. DEW 8 Jan 1643. (II pa83)

24 Feb 1675/6 Murcy Baker , relict of Silvester Baker 200 acs. Nanzemond Co. Escheated land of sd. Silvester by inquisition under John Lear , Depty. Esch’r & etc. (refer to II p221 1658 Silvester Baker) (II pa172)

24 Feb 1675/6 Humphrey Griffin 750 acs. Up. Par. Nans. Co.. Beg. by the Crosse Sw. That goes out of Barbicue (sw.- swamp) [RSA note: Barbicue swamp will be the site of future Duke farms--RSA)]

10 Nov 1678 176 acs. part therof patented 10 Nov 1678 to Wm. Speight "at a place called "BARBICUE" ..adj. Humphry Griffin.. to an island in Cross Swamp , to the land of James DUKE. (Va Gen.Society pq 101 , Norfleet Riddick papers ,Nugent II 193-194)

11 May 1680 Thomas DUKE & Henry Hackley & Nathan Newby witnessed the marriage of Edmund Belson of Nans. Co. & Jean Riddick, the daughter of Robert Riddick of same county. (m. 11th day of ye 5th month 1680) (11 May 1680 Quaker Book pa 193-194)

23 Apr 1681 Col Thomas DEWE 450 acs. "in Uper. Par. of Nazemond, at head of Crany Cr. issuing out of the Southern Br. Beg. in line of Hood’s neck pattent, now Francis Parker’s; to Georg Spivey, Senr., crossing Beaver Dam, into the maine Pocoson; and Granted to Randall Crew 12 Nov. 1640, which, after severall surrenders & descent, is in possession of sd. Col. DEWE. (II pa221)

23 Apr 1681 Thomas DUKE 430 acs. Up Par. of Nazemond: "Neare Thomas Harrell: adj. Thomas Parker: the Cross Sw.; & 200 acs. formely belonging to William Wright & 200 acs. granted sa. Wright 18 Mar 1662 who conveyed to sd. DUKE; 230 acs. for trans. of 5 pers. Tho. Duke , Tho. Duke, Fra. Marr, Jno. Deverett, Wm Harring. (II pa221)

23 Apr 1681 Mathew Spivie 86 acs. in Up. Par. of Nazemund "Beg. behind Edward Holmes’ now dwelling howse; in line of "Jericoe". [RSA Note: swamp] (II pa221)

23 Apr 1681 Thomas Harrell 150 acs. in Nanzemund, at head of Parkers Cr. "part of 250 acs. granted Silvester Baker 1 Apr 1658; renewed in 1662. & now in possession of the aforsaid Thomas, as heire of his father, Thomas Harrell, who purchased from sd. Baker." (II pa 221)

23 Apr 1681 John Chilcott 650acs. Up. Par. of Nazemond; "Upon the Cross Sw. of Barbacue" "Beg. at Thomas DUKE; to head of the Dogwood Neck" (II pa 221)

24 Apr 1682 Epaphroditus Benton: 500acs. in the Up. Par. of Nazemond; "Upon the Cross SW. of Barbacue" "Beg. at Thomas DUKE; to head of the Dogwood Neck" (II pa240)

24 Apr 1682 Thomas DUKE 350 acs. in the Up. Par. of Nanzemond, att Cross SW of Barbecue. Trans. of 7 Pers." (II pa 240)

16 Apr 1683 Francis Parker 20 acs. Up. Par. of Nansimind "In the line of Hood’s Neck , in possession of sd. Parker; to Cross Swamp Pattent , granted his father Richard Parker Sr. Adj. Jerico, now belonging to Col. Thomas DEW." (II p258)

16 Apr 1683 Mathew Spivy (Spivey) 200 acs. Up. Par. of Nansimund, "Beg. nigh the Cypress Sw., corner of his brother George Spivey, to a br. called Hawkins Hole" (II pa258)

16 Apr 1683 Robert Blanshard 100 acs. Up. Par. of Nanzimund. "Beg at Jerico adj. Col Thomas DEW (II pa 258)

16 Apr 1683 Thomas Parker 150 acs. Up. Par. of Nansimund. "Beg. at Col Thomas DEW, at the mouth of Craeny Cr., issueing out of the southern br. including Racoone Island". (II pa 258)

21 Apr 1684 James Peters 750 acs. Up. Par. of Nans. Co nigh Cross Sw. out of Barbicue .. granted to Humphrey Griffin 24 Feb 1675 and deserted. (II pa 280)

26 Apr. 1684 Bryan Oquin 550 acs. Up. Par. of Nans.: on S side of the Cypress Swamp... adj. land of.. Wm Speight & the main run of Barbicuee Sw. (II pa280)

10 May 1683 Tho. DUKE & Margaret DUKE witnessed the marriage of Robert Jones & Martha Rice (10th day of ye fifth month in 1683) (Quaker Book p 136)

From the "Early History of the Quaker Society"

Tho DUKE & Margaret DUKE witnessed the marriage of Leaven Bufkin & Dorrithy Newby (7th day of 2nd Month in year 1688) (pa 81)
Tho DUKE and Margaret DUKE witnessed a marriage in Chuckatuck - 17 Feb 1688 (pa 10)
Tho. DUKE & Henry Hackley witnessed the marriage of John Small , son of John Small of Nans. Co to Alice Hollowell, daug. of Alice Hollowell of Eliz. River County. (25th day of 12th month 1688) ( pa146 -147)

1689 - Early marriages : Mrs Elizabeth DUKE Relict of John DUKE married Robert Mercer. (Isle of Wight Co Deed Book I pa 25-28)

23 Sept 1689 - John DUKE and his mother Elizabeth Mercer, to John Burnett, shoemaker, 50 acs. (being land "my father, John DUKE, dec’d bought from Jeremiah Rutter of Chuckatucke in Nansemond County" being out of a patent of 300 acs. between John Goseling and John DUKE Sr. sold said John Burnett) Witt: Will Bradshaw , Richard Ealle Signed: John DUKE , Elizabeth Mercer , Bridgett DUKE. (Isle of Wight Deed Book 1 1688-1704).

Thomas DUKE & Henry Hackley witnessed the marriage of Henry Hollowell of Elizabeth River & Elizabeth Scott. (20th day of the 2nd month 1693) (Quaker Book pa 145)

1 May 1693 Wm. Bodie to Nicolas Casey 108 acs. on N side Cypress Swamp joining John DUKE & others. (Isle of Wight Deed Book 1688-1704 - Wm Hopkins)

11 Sept 1693 William DUKE & Mary (X) DUKE witnessed a deed of gift of Thomas Mann to Sarah Mann 100 acs. on Curawaok Swamp. (Isle of Wight Deed Book)

20 Apr 1694 Henry Hackley 210 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on W.side of Saram Sw., adj. Mr. Mill’s land " (II pa 389)

20 Apr 1694 Richard Barefield 90 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co. : " on W. side of a br. of Saram SW. (II pa 389)

20 Apr 1694 Mr. John Wright 450 acs. Up Par. of Nansemond Co.: " on E. side of Saram Cr. & N. side of Bennett;s Cr. adj. James Cole." (II pa389)

20 Apr 1694 Peter Phebus 250 acs. Up Par. of Nansemond Co.: "one E. side of a br. of Saram Maine Sw. adj. Richard Barefield." (II pa 389)

20 Apr 1694 Mr. John Keyton 15 acs. Up Par. of Nansemond Co.: " in a forke made by Summerton Sw. & Knuccles Sw. adj. his own land." (II pa 389)

20 Apr 1694 William Edwards 96 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.: " on SW side of Knuccles Sw. out of Summerton Sw. adj. Mr. Wright." (II pa 389)

20 Apr 1694 James Cole : 519 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.: adj. Mr Baker’s land at Buckland. On SE. side of Saram Sw. (II pa388)

9 June 1694 Wm. Boddie & wife Elizabeth Boddie to Nicholas Casey... land near Cypress Swamp (being land formerly owned by John DUKE.) (recorded 9 June 1694) (Isle of Wight Deed Book 1 -Hopkins)

[CFD Note: I have included this Baker grant because there are Baker’s in my line. This is also a reminder that after the "Dividing Line" in 1728, this part of Nansemond County became a part of North Carolina.]

20 Apr 1695 Joseph Ballard - Elisha Ballard. 550 acs.


21 Apr 1695 Mr. Lewis Conner , Merchant of Norfolk Co , & Mr John Keyton, Merchant, of Nansemond Co., 1280 acs. Up. Par. Of Nansemond Co.; in the Mehering Camp Neck , on S. side of Bennett’s Cr. "Beg. on W. side of the maine Cyprus Sw; down the Deep Sw." (II pa402)

21 Apr 1695 Daniel Pugh Up. Par. of Nansamond Co 1134 acs. called Dogwood Neck, W. side of Bennett’s Creek. ( II p401)

25 Oct 1695 Mr. Daniel Pugh , 99 acs. in Up. Par. of Nansamond Co.; on SE side of the S. branch. "Beg. on NW side of the maine road, cor. of land formerly COL.DUE’S & Mr. Mills; adj. lands of Spevy, Hill & Baker." (III pa4)

28 Oct 1697 Edmund Bayman 100 acs. Up. Par. of Nans. Co.; on SE side of the S. branch. "Beg. on head of Skitoes land, on E. side of Nansemond River , "on W. side of the main road. Cor of Seaven ( or Leaven) Bulfskin." (III pa15)

28 Oct 1697 John Spivy , of Nansemond Co. 116 acs., "on a place called the Planters Delight. on E. side of the S. branch of Nansemond River, near Jericoe. (III pa16)

15 Oct 1698 Richard Parker 48 acs. Nansamond Co.; E. side of the S. br. of Nansamond River; adj. Thomas Parker; Thomas Harrell; Thomas DUKE; & Rich’d Parker’s Cross Sw. patent." (III pa24)

15 Oct 1698 Daniel Pugh 24 acs. Nansamond Co.; "on Crany Cr. on E. side of the S. br. of Nansamond River; adj. land of Parker; & a line called Jerrico" (III pa25)

26 Oct 1699 Daniel Pugh 55 acs. in Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; on the S. br. of Nansemond River; adj. Thomas DEW. by the Mill Creek". (III pa32)

24 Apr. 1700 Edmond Bayman 202 acs. Up Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on both sides & near the head of Draggon Swamp, adj. Christopher Gwin , by Bryery Branch."

25 Mar 1700 Daniel Pugh Sr. (will dated 25 March 1700) is listed as a headright "twice imported" of Nicholas Stallings in a patent of 25 April 1701 (Va Pat. Book 9 , p303). Daniel Pugh Sr patented land in Nansemond Co. in 1695, 1698, 1699 and 1700. By his wife Ann, Daniel Pugh had issue: Ann Pugh who married John DUKE, as well as other children John Pugh, Francis Pugh, Theophilus Pugh, and Daniel Pugh. Daniel Pugh Jr. died intestate leaving 450 acs of land (part of a patent for 750 acs granted Col. Thomas DEW 10 Oct 1670, on which today lies the city of Suffolk) inherited from his father Daniel Pugh , to his son Daniel Pugh III who in turn left the land to his mother and three sisters. (Daniel Pugh died 1745, was a vestryman in 1743) (Va Gen. Mag. II p102)

25 Mar 1700 Daniel Pugh willed 250 acs. adj. Cross Swamp to his grandson , John DUKE "being the son & heir of his daughter Ann (Pugh) (Nansemond Co. Norfleet)

25 Apr 1701 DUKE, 1701 , 3, 8 Thomas Nansemond Co. "having made a profession of truth some yr." dis. taking a wife contrary to the Scripture & one that was not of us & going to the priest. (Quaker Records Chucatuck Monthly Meeting pa 28)

1702,6,12 Henry Hackley Up. Par. Nans. Co. "dis" (disowned) (Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting) Quaker Book)

28 Oct 1702 Edmond Bayman 43 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; on E. side of S. branch of Nansemond River; "Beg. at Silvester Baker, being the dividing line bet. Robert Baker & Thomas DUKE Senr.; to land late in possession of John Gregory bounding on an escheat patent granted to Mercy Baker." (III pa63)

28 Oct 1702 Nicholas Stallings 285 acs.

28 Oct 1702 Thomas DUKE Jr. 350 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co. at place called Saram, beg. at Peter Pheebus, cor. of Richard Barefield; up Saram Swamp. Trans. of 7 pers. (III pa63)

[CFDNote: after 1728 this area know as Saram (Sarum) will be in North Carolina.]

24 Apr 1703 John DUKE 113 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on SW side of the Cyprus SW., a br. of Summerton Cr.; adj. Thomas Allman’s land. Trans. of 3 pers." (III pa 68)

24 Apr 1703 Francis Speight Junr. & William Speight Junr. ,(???) sons of Francis Speight Senr. 161 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "SW side of Beaver Dam Sw., a br. of Summerton Cr." (III pa 68)

15 Apr 1704 Will & Death Book B2 Index p65 John DUKE & Henry Applewaite witnessed a will (Iisle of Wight Co Vol 1 Index 1647-1758)

20 Oct 1704 John Stallings 404 acs.

20 Oct 1704 Moses Hall 95 acs. Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; near the Rich Thicket: adj. John Lassiter (II pa 90)

[CFD Note: Rich Thicket will become part of North Carolina after the 1728 Dividing Line between VA and NC.]

20 Oct 1704 Joseph Baker 217 acs. Ip. Par. of Nansemond Co.; SE side of Cabbin Br. a br. of Chowan River.. adj. Jonathan Rogers.. (III pa 91)

20 Oct 1704 Joseph Baker 217 acs., Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "SE side of Cabbin Br.; a br. of Chowan River; adj. Jonathan Robinson" (III pa91)

ALSO: From Richmond Land Grants: DUKE, Francis Nans. Co. 14 Feb 1761 480 acs adj. Land of Joseph Baker, Francis DUKE, Thomas DUKE.

1704 Land Records for Nansemond Co. Va. From: English Duplicates of Lost Va. Records. :Jno DUKE 113 acs. Tho. DUKE Jr 930 acs. Tho. DUKE 400 acs. Henry Hackley 210 acs.

[CFD Note: I have included the grant for Moses Hall because 1707/08, 11 , 7, he married Margaret DUKE, a daughter of Thomas DUKE Sr. as recorded in the Quaker Records. Signed: Thomas DUKE Sr.

7 Nov 1707 Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting Pa 28: DUKE, Thomas Sr. sent a letter to this mtg. Consenting to the m. of his dt. Margaret to Moses Hall.

1737 According to a record of Hathaway , Moses Hall’s wife was Elizabeth in 1737! (1737 Hathaway (I pa40)

2 May 1705 Henry Hackley 700 acs Up. Par. of Nans. Co at a place called Sarath (or Soroth Hall) near Seram... (III pa93)

9 Sept 1705 Wm. Boddie to John DUKE 150 acs (being the plantation said DUKE now lives on.) (Isle Of Wight Deed Book 1 - Hopkins)

26 Aug 1705 Berkley, Later Perquimans Precinct NC: Mary DUKE, daughter of John and wife Alice. Was born 26 Aug 1705 (Hathaway III pa376 - Original in the courthouse at Hertford Co NC)

26 Apr 1711 Thomas DUKE Jr & John Duke , his brother, 49 acs (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; on the W’wd side of the S’n br. of Nansemond Riv; Beg. in line of Thomas DUKE, their father, near land of Francis Mace." (III pa119)

[CFD Note: Here we can identify two sons of Thomas Duke (Sr.)]

28 Apr 1711 Robert Hookes , of Isle of Wight Co. 80 acs. (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on Cyprus Sw. of Sumerton Cr. Beg. at cor. of John DUKES on W. side of sd. Sw." (III p119)

Circa 1712 A Rich Square Quaker Meeting record:

Sarah DUKE , sister of John Peele b. 11-22-1712 d. 12 22 1784
Sarah DUKE was one of many early members of Rich Square monthly meetings (organised 1760)
Quaker Records MM pa205-213

25 Apr 1713 Thomas Garrett Jr. and wife Thomasin, to Christopher Dudley. 250 acs on Warwick Swamp. Test. John Keaton , Wm Crawford. (Hathaway I pa101)

16 June 1714 Jacob Darden 171 acs (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on E. side of Black Water alias Chowan River." (III pa145)

16 June 1714 Samuel Smith 90 acs (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; " near head of the Knuckel Sw. of Sumerton Cr.; in line of Andrew Ross." (III pa145)

23 Dec 1714 Nathan Newby 485 acs N. L. Up. Par. of Nans. Co.. adj his own land; Thos. Norfleet & Dyor’s line... land of Joseph Booth to Thos. Price. ( III pa165)

18 July 1715 John Goodwin, and wife Mary , to Edward Wood, of Upper Parish of Nans. Co. Va. 50 acs, part of a patent to Thos Garrett, for 614 acs, adjoining Christopher Dudley. Test: John Standiford, Chirstopher Dudley. (Hathaway I pa 288)

30 July 1717 Christopher Dudley, and wife Ann, to Wm Kelly, of Nans. Co. Va. 100 acs North side of Warwick Swamp. Test: Chas Foster , Robert Hicks. (Hathaway I pa620)

15 Dec 1717 Quaker Rec. Rollings William Bogue of NC & Sarah DUKE. daug. of Thomas DUKE late of Nans. Co. (might be 1727 ?)

14 July 1718 Francis DUKE 231 acs (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; "on SW side of Barbicue Swamp: adj Joseph Baker; Thomas DUKE; Imp. pf 5 pers." (III pa207)

[CFD Note: Francis DUKE & Joseph Baker can be seen in the Vestry Book Of The Upper Parish Of Nansemond Co. as Proccessioners of #21 in 1751.]

11 Apr 1717 Elisha Ballard 171 acs. adj. Nicholas Stallings line

15 Jul 1717 Elisha Ballard 47 acs.

[CFD Note: Other names that were located in the BARBICUE ( Barbikew , Barbahwew) area:]

14 July 1718 John Denby 198 acs. (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; near Barbikew; adj. Thomas Norfleet;s land; on line of Nathan Newby" (III pa207)

14 july 1718 Thomas Norfleet 130 acs. (N.L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co.; near a place called Barbakew; adj. John Denby" (III pa207)

Barbicue Swamp -- Joseph Baker
Sumerton Road -- Francis Duke, Thomas Duke
Knuckle Swamp

Processioning of Joseph Baker & Francis Duke’s Land - 14 July 1718

Nugent Vol III Pa 91

Nugent Vol III Pa 207

Joseph Baker 217 Acs

Francis Duke 231 Acs N.L.

Up. Par. of Nansemond Co

Up Par. of Nansemond Co

S.E. Side of Carrin Br.

SW Side of Barbique Swamp

adj Jonathan Roberson

adj Jospeh Baker & Thomas Duke

20 Oct 1704

14 July 1718

Processioners: Robert Sharp, Thomas Barns, Sam’l Bowman, Wm. Winington and Henry Wall

Processioners:Robert Covent, Steven Hopps, Robert Stebbs, John Thomas and Thomas Dawson

19 Aug 1713 125 acs in Perquimans Precinct called be ye name Rich Thickett , joining John Whitley (Hoffmann #588)

1716 34 acs on the Cypress Swamp near Sarum (Hoffmann #3267)

Sarem: in Gates Co (W Central)

[CFD Note: Sarem Creek: rises in S Gates Co. & flows Se into Chowan River. (on early map 1770) ... todays Coles Creek. (Gazeteer)]

1716 Richard Odum "W side Notty Pine Swamp branch in Sarum" (Hoffmann #3271)

19 Oct 1716 Christopher Dudley mentioned.. 166 acs in Perquimans Precinct & Chowan.. also along the Great Meadow.

1718 John Denby 198acs. (N.L.) Up Par of Nansemond Co.; Near Barbikew. adj. Thomas Norfleet’s land: on line of Nathan Newby. (III pa207)

14 July 1718 Thomas Norfleet 130 acs Up Par of Nansemond Co.; near a place called Barbakew, adj John Denby. (III pa207)

16 june 1714 Jacob Darden (N.L.) Up Par of Nansemond Co.; on E side of Black Water, alias Chowan River. (III pa145)

Select here to see a map of Nansemond County, VA

[CFD Note: I have repeated this grant to remind us that in 1728 the VA - NC line was changed. This reference to the Black Water "alias" Chowan River was in 1714 before the change and it appears that the Chowan River had at one time flowed as far as "into" the state of Virginia. However, after 1728, the Blackwater River and the Nottaway River, still each flowing from Virginia met the Chowan River and that is where the line was drawn. So this grant had been made in Nansemond Co. Va., and later became a part of N.C.]

1 March 1719/20 Samuel Merriot 640 acs. I Chowan Precinct; joining John Pipkin , the sd. Merriot , ye Beaver Dam Branch, John DUKE , John Drury & Joseph Ballard. (Hoffmann #3047)

5 April 1720 Christopher Dudley 640 acs in Beaufort Precinct on the Nort side of Pamlico River on the head of White Church Creek joining the E. side of Herring Run. (Hoffmann #1256)

3 Aug 1720 John DUKES of Lower Parish, son John , son James, son Robert Estate bet. wife & children... sons to be age 21.. daug. at marriage... d. March___ R. 2 Aug 1720. (Isle of Wight Great Book pa 53 index pa8)

Three Deeds From HOFFMANN: Book 8 pa277

1 Mar 1719/20 John DEW 620 acs in Chowan Precinct on ye S. side of Maherron River ,joining ye S.E. side of Kerbys Creek, John Cooper, and ye Roanoke Path.

1 Mar 1719/20 Sameul Merriot 640 acs in Chowan Precinct joining John Pipkin , the sd. Merriot , ye Beaver Dam Branch , John DUKE , John Drury , and Jos. Ballard.

1 Mar 1719/20 William Bently 640 acs in Chowan Precinct , joining William Barefield, Samuel Merriot , Sector Swamp Branch , and Richard Barefield.

3 Aug 1720 Will -John DUKE of Lower Parish.. leg. son John , son James , son Robert.. d. March ? 16 ... Reg. 3 Aug 1720 (Rollings Isle of Wight Great Book pa 53 Index pa 8)

15 July 1721 Test: John DEW Sr. , John DEW Jr., Rt. Hicks. (For deed from Wm. Boon to Thos. Boon Jr. 423 acs on South Side Meherring River.) (Hathaway 2 pa 616)

6 April 1722 ....116 acs. on S side of Barbicue Swamp .. (Hoffmann #1945)

26 Mar 1723 John Page 320 acs. on the N side of Maherine River, joining a branch of Hourse Pasture Creek & Dogwood Neck. (Hoffmann #2079)

1 Feb 1725 472 acs. on West side of the Chowan River in Bertie Co., joining Barbacue Swamp & John Smith. (Hoffmann #2340)

[CFD Note: Barbecue Swamp rises in NE Bertie Co. & flows NE into Hertford Co. where it enters Chinkapin Creek (Gazeteer)]

3 May 1726 ...at a pine in Henry Hackleys line calls for John Harris’ line on W side Scratch Hall Pocoson. (Hathaway Vol 2 pa292)

July 1726 Daniel Phillips m Mary DUKE , wit . Andrew DUKE , Currituck Co. N.C. (Babb)

1 Aug 1728 Moses Hall of Nansemond Co. Va to John Holland 95 acs in Rich Thickett , patent fro Gov. of NC Aug 1 1728 Deed dated 20 january 1723. Test: James Parker , William Parker , James A Hubbard. (Hathaway I pa 108)

13 Jan 1728 Henry Hackley, to Thomas Norris Jr, deed of a gift 50 acs in a branch running out of Sarum Swamp, adjoining lands of James Files, also 100 acs at Scratch Hall Bridge, adjoining Thomas DUKE. Test. Abraham Odium, George Otway. (Hathaway I pa 108)

4 Mar 1728 Dividing line - Andrew Duke , Currituck Inlet (Edenton Dist) from Maryland (??) Andrew DUKE son of James DUKE of Calvert Co. MD.

15 dec 1727-28 William Bogue of NC and Sarah DUKE, daughter of Thomas DUKE, late of Nansemond Co., Deceased published their intentions of taking each other in marriage before several meetings of the people called Quakers, and were married in a publick meeting of the aforsaid people near John Murdaughs in the Co. aforesaid on 15 December 1727-28. Rebecca DUKE was one of those who witnessed the marriage. (Early Quaker records in Va . pa35 - Isle of Wight MB pa103)

1 Aug 1728 Moses Hall, of Nans. Co Va to John Hubbard 95 acs in Rich Thickett: patent from Gov. of NC 1 Aug 1728, deed dated 20 Jan 1723. Test: James Parker , James A Hubbard. (Hathaway I pa107-108)

28 Sept 1728 John DUKE 195 acs (N.L.) Brunswick Co on N side of Maherine River on fork of Ready Cr. corn. of William DUKE & James Baker. (III pa385)

5 Mar 1729 Christopher Dudley 510 acs. in Bath Co. on the W side of White Oak River , joining the side of the river swamp. Starkey , ans the sd river. Witt: E. Moseley et al. (Hoffmann #1099)

[CFD Note: Bath Co. formed 1696 from territory south of Albemarle Sound: Became Archdale, Pamptecough , & Wickham prencinct nr Beauford Co ... Hyde Co. off Albermarle Sound.]

[CFD Note: Chinkapin Creek rises in NE Bertie Co & flows into Hertford Co before it runs N to enter Wiccacon River.... (map of Moseley 1733)]

26 Jun 1731 Samuel Smith 147 acs (N.L.) Up Par of Nans Co adj William Speight, in Oxley;s Br.; Thomas Gewin , Francis Harrell & John DUKE’s land. (Isle of Wight pa58)

23 Aug 1731 Alice DUKES dug. of John Dowels of Upper Parish: d. 23 Aug 1731 R. 23 Aug 1731 (Isle of Wight pa58)

26 Sept 1732 Joseph Stallings 26 acs adj John Stallings & John Sumner.

6 April 1722 As early as 1722, the name BARBICUE SWAMP was identified in a N.C. as a land grant. "116 acs , on the S. side of ". (Hoffmann #1945)

1 Feb 1725 In 1725 a grant of 472 acs "on west side of the Chowan River in Bertie Co., joining Barbecue Swamp & John Smith." (Hoffmann #2340)

[CFD Note: Barbecue Swamp rises in NE Bertie Co. & flows NE into Hertford Co. where it enters Chinkapin Creek (Gazetteer)]

2 Aug 1727 A patent of 640 acs Bertie Co. Precinct... on the E. side of Barbecue Swamp. ( Hoffmann #2416)

13 Oct 1727 Capt. James Baker , of Isle of Eight Co. 1000 acs (N.L.) Brunswick Co. N. side of Meherin River., on the Rocky Creek: adj. William DUKE (III pa334)

The Dividing Line Between VA and NC was made in 1728
Select here to see a map showing the dividing line between VA and NC.

28 Sept 1728 John DUKE 195 acs (N.L.) Brunswick Co.; on N. side of Maherine Riv. on fork of Ready Cr., cor. of William DUKE & James Baker. (III pa385)

[CFD Note: The Meherrin River rises in Virginia and flows S into North Carolina where it forms the Hertford-Northampton Co line for approx. 9 Mi. after which it flows SE across Hertford County into the Chowan River. (Parkers Ferry has been operated across the Meherrin River near its mouth since the early years of the 20th century.]

22 June 1729 22nd year if the Reign of our Soverign Lord George II ., 17 Sept 1754 John Earl of Granvill in the Province of NC in America 3 shillings Proclamation money paid by John DUKE.... Land in Parish of North West County of Northampton in Province N.C. 3acs? Feb 1756 Ct. (Deed Book 2 pa264)

28 Sept 1730 Thomas Lawrence 387 acs N.L. Up Par of Nans. Co. near Wickham , adj. Mrs Baker , Henry Baker. (III pa393)

28 Sept 1730 John Smith 186 acs. N.L. Up Par of Nans Co., adj Richard Baker on S side of Dragon Poson... land of Samuel Smith dec’d & John Smith dec’d. (III pa 398)

26 June 1731 Samuel Smith 147 acs. N.L.) Up Par of Nansemond Co.; adj. William Speight. in Oxley’s Br.; Thomas Gerwin ; Francis Harrel; & John DUKE’s land. (III pa424)

28 Sept 1732 Thomas DUKE 63 acs. (N.L.) Up Par of Nansemond Co.; adj Edward Beaman: & Leavin Bufkin." (III pa 424)

28 Sept 1732 Francis Skeeto 129 acs. (N.L.) Up Par of Nansemond Co.; adj Mr Osheal’s cor.; Edward Beaman; Thomas DUKE; & John Keeton. (III pa424)

[CFD Note: Now let’s go back and recognize some of these names in still earlier grants; Edmund Bayman Leavin Bufkin Francis Harrell

28 Oct 1697 Edmund Bayman 100 acs Up Par of Nans Co. " on head of the "SKITOES LAND" on E side of Nansemond River.... on W side of the main road, cor of SEAVEN (or LEAVEN) Bufskin.

I repeated this grant because of it’s reference to ‘SKITOES LAND"--- a name which appears in the grant dated 28 Sept 1732 to Francis Skeeto.]

28 Sept 1732 Francis Skeeto 129 acs (N.L.) Up Par of Nans. Co adj Mr. Osheals cor. Edward Beaman Thomas DUKE & John Keeton (III pa424)

28 Sept 1732 Thomas DUKE 63 acs (N.L.) Up Par Nans Co adj Edward Beaman & Leavin Bufkin (III pa424)

1 Aug 1733 John DUKE Brunswick Co Va … on Side of Nottoway River (Va Gen 1-77)

20 Jun 1733 David Osheal & John Beaman 399 acs Swamp L. in Upper Par Nansemond Co., " on S. side Nansemond Riv., S side the main Road; adj. sd. Osheal & John Keaton , Francis Sheete , Thomas DUKE & William Peirce" (IV pa13)

10 Sept 1733 John Vaughan of Nans Co Va to Henry Holland same county. 100 acs of South side Chowan River , called "Caleb’s Dowry" Test: Henry Holland , James Holland , Edward Hare , Moses Hare , Jo. Holland. (Abs & Con pa 609)

28 Jan 1734/35 Moses Hall , of Nasns Co Va to John Hubbard 95 acs near Rich Thickets Test: James Parker , Wm Parker , James Hubbard. (Hathaway III pa128)

24 Mar 1734/35 John DUKE of Brunswick Co, 895 acs in sd. Co., S side of the three creeks , down the Rocky Run: adj. Col Nathaniel Harrison , William Rains , Thomas Jackson & John Cumbow (IV pa71)

16 Feb 1734 Will of Thomas House ,Brunswick Co Planter Capt. John DUKE Executor Wit: John Taylor DUKE Presented to Court 5 June 1735. (IV pa71)

10 jan 1735/36 John DUKE of Brunswick Co., Gent. 200 acs in sd. Co.; "on both sides of Meherrin Br., now called Tryall Cr., is a Br. Of the three creeks." (IV pa95)

19 May 1735 Christopher Dudley 500acs in Onslow Precinct on the SW side of White Oak river,, joining the river swamp & the White Marsh Branch. (Hoffmann #1371)

1 May 1735 John DUKE , John Taylor DUKE , were witnesses to the will of James House of Brunswick Co., planter. Will dated 9 Feb 1735. Presented to the court 1 May 1735 Proved by John DUKE and John Taylor DUKE. ( VA Gen Mag. ! pa168)

1 July 1735 John Collins to James Eure 240 acs in Scratch Hall Pocosin. Test: Richard Taylor , Robert Thomas. (Hathaway I pa107)

28 Oct. 1735 John DUKE Witness: Brunswick Co 350 acs on S. side Notoway River. (VA Gen Mag. 2 172)

1 Nov 1735 Benjamin DUKE - deed from Bartholomew Shaver of Bertie Co. 1 Nove 1735 to Benjamin DUKE , Bertie Co. 200 acs. (Bertie CO NC deed C 293)

13 Mar 1736 Benjamin DUKES was a witness to the will of Richard Pace in Bertie Co. NC Feb. Ct. 1738 (Grimes Wills pa 276)

15 June 1736 John Hubbard to Wm Parker Two acs of land, given said John , by will of Moses Hall , Richard Felton , and John Norfleet, part given to his son Mathew , other tract 115 acs adj. lands of Lassiter. Test: Wm Parker , James A Hubbard. (Hathaway I pa 111)

13 Feb 1737 Robert DUKES of Bertie Co NC 1737 to Richard Pace Jr of Bertie CO. Patented 1 March 1719 200 acs. (Bertie Deed)

9 Apr 1737 Elizabeth Hall , wife of Moses Hall , daughter of Alee Baker. (Hathaway I pa 40 , NC Hist Gen Reg)

15 Aug 1737 Francis Beaman 74 acs. in the Upper Par. of Nansemond Co., S Side of Nansemond Riv. near the head of Parker’s Cr. adj. his own & Thomas DUKE. (IV pa145)

1 Sept. 1737 Thomas Godwin of Nansemond Co., Gent., the elder, 184 acs. in Upper Par. of asid Co. on the S side of Nansemond Riv., on the S side of the main road on the head of DUKE’S Mill Run in the main SW. or Desert; adj. John DUKE, Thomas Mace & Francis Beaman. (IV pa145)

[CFD Note: Again we see the reference to a Francis Beaman while in 1702 there was an Edmond Bayman. Were they similar locations?]

20 Jan 1737-8 Margaret Knox and Thomas Knox , to John Drury , 70 acs, part of a tract granted to Charles Wicks of Nan Co Va. October 25, 1695, adjoining lands of Wm Speight and John DUKE. Test: Ann Seight, Charles King, Moses Hare. (Hathaway I pa116)

1 Feb 1738/39 John Taylor DUKE 504 acs. Brunswick Co. "on both sides of Moore’s SW.; adj. Dean , sd Taylor DUKE , Loftin, Tapley, Wallace Poole & Smith. 100 acs part formerly gtd. Mary Irvin by Pat. 22 Feb 1724 & by divers mesne Conveyances is become Vested in sd DUKE." (IV pa181)

1 Feb 1738/39 Richard Cocke , Gent. 488 acs. Brunswick Co. "on the N side of the three creeks & both sides of the Cattail Br.; adj. John DUKE , Hambleton , Taply & Macklin: 285 acs. part formely gtd. Richard Pace by Pat. 12 Jul 1718 (Surry Co.) & by divers Mesne Conveyances is Vested in sd Richard Cocke." (IV pa 181)

1 March 1738 Christopher Dudley 150 acs. in Onslow Co. joining said Dudley Plantation whereon he now lives on the S. side of the White Oak River. (Hoffmann #4105)

22 Aug 1739 Chowan Co ... Thomas DUKE son of Thomas DUKE of Up. Par of Nans. Co to Francis DUKE Jr., son of Francis (DUKE ?) of "afd" Co. (a tract in Chowan Co.) part of 800 acs. formerly granted to Henry Hackley dec’d by patent of 14 Apr 1702. Hackley sold to Christopher Dudley and by him sold to Thomas DUKE, father of said Thomas DUKE.. deed dated 12 Apr 1705 "in or nr. mouth of Scratch Hall Branch".. by line of Dudley 200 acs. Witt: Edward Hare , William Gattlin , Christian Hare , Reg 6 July 1741 (Chowan Db A-1 pa4 )

[RSA Note: The above deed ties the Thomas DUKE of Chowan to the Thomas DUKE of Nansemond and Francis DUKE Jr in Chowan to Francis DUKE of Nansemond. Can these Nansemond DUKEs be related?]

22 Sept 1739 John DUKE 271 acs. Brunswick Co. on the N side of the three Creeks, at the mouth of Watery Br. above Charles Kimball’s line, on Governors Road. (IV pa206)

22 Nov 1739 John DUKE to Richard Nusam 250 acs adj. the Cross Swamp on Richard Newsom’s land & which "land my Grand Father, Daniel Pugh bought of one James Peters and gave to me being the son and heir of his daughter Ann (Pugh) according to his Last Will & Testament made the 25th day of March 1700. Signed: John DUKE (Receipt dated 22 Nove. 1739) (Va Gen Mag. II pa 101-102)

? 1740 Francis DUKE to Thomas DUKE ?? (Chowan Deed A-1)

5 Sept 1740 John DEWS Sr., Bertie, proved at Northampton Court Nov. 1744. Sons John and Joseph, daughter Patience , sons Spencer and wife Susannah , Elizabeth Clements; wife and son Joseph Exrs. , Test: Edward Moseley ,Ales Moseley , Constant DEW. (Hathaway I pa 200)

[CFD Note: 1742 Suffolk named after immigrants from Suffolk England ,established as a town in 1742. City in 1910.]

30 Jan 1741/42 John Taylor DUKE 273 acs. Brunswick Co. "on both sides of the Old Field Br. on the N side of the "Old County Line". adj. Sisum & Peter Simmons." (V pa10)

[CFD Note: This ‘Old Co. Line" divided Brunswick from Surry untill 1733, and is now near Brunswick-Greensville Co. Line]

30 Apr 1743 From the Vestry Book of the Upper Parish: Processioning assignments; #21 Robert Peele & Job Harrell , #23 Jno. Rountree & Abraham Lassiter , #24 Henry Skinner & Jno. Long. (pa 9 - 10)

[RSA Note: Processioning was a process of assigned ‘processioners’ walking the boundry lines of each owners land , with the owners of these adjoining properties to settle disputes as to the boundries if there were any. In later years of the processioning process seems to have fallen apart somewhat with ‘processioners’ not completing their assignments and landowners failing to accompany them. The processioning plots were sections of the parish divided by mostly recognizable roads, creeks and rivers.Taxes or Tithe’s to the church ( the King of England’s income from the colonies) were based loosely on this process and paid in currency, labor or crops - mainly tobacco. Later in this document will be a map that will outline the processioning plots and some boundries of the parish.]

"By the act of the General Assembly of Sept. 1744, that part of the Upper Parish which was below the following lines was added to the Suffolk Parish , to wit: beginning at the head of DUKE’s Creek (now known as Brewers Creek and is about three and one half miles down the river from Suffolk town)... the said Creek was on the east side of Nansemond River." (p xvii)

19 Mar 1744/45 Christopher Dudley , Onslow, Mar 19 1744/45: Feby. 26, 1746. Grandson George son of Edward Dudley, g.son Christopher son of Thos. Dudley, sons Thomas, William, and John; wife and John Starkey Exrs. (Hathaway I pa 200)

5 Sept 1746 Richard Nusum of the Upper Parish to Charles Jennings of Elizabeth City Co. Va 103 acs "a place called the Wagon Road" adjoining the Cypress Swamp, the land of Thomas Gwinn, near a "branch on the land I formerly sold.... Jennings called Axley’s" (Oxley’s) the land being part of that land the said Nusum bought of Mr. John DUKE.. and is now in the possession of said Jennings. Receipy dated 5 May 1746. (Recorded "at a Court held for Nans. Co. 9 June 1746") (Va Gen Mag P103)

[CFD Note: James Peters on 20 April 1683 patented 750 acs near the Cross Swamp that goes out of Barbicue. Richard Nusam’s land was processioned by order of the Vestry dates 3 Aug 1747. His name appears no more in the record]

18 Feb 1747/48 Result of processioning #21 "Bounds of the Knuckle Swamp to Barbicure between Sum’r road (Sumerton) & Smith Road. also: "then to Francis DUKE line... Philip Draper and Thos. DUKE present" Processioned by Joseph Baker and Francis DUKE. (Vestry Book pa 34)

Select here to see a map, circa 1751,
of the
Processing of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, VA

Select here to see a map, circa 1743,
of Nansemond County, VA
showing the precincts which mention the surname Copeland

5 March 1747 John DUKE of Northampton Co to Thomas Trotter of Nans. Co.Va, Planter, 417 acs between Ahosky and Catawisky Swamp , joining James Wood , a bottom and Arthur Cotton, part of a patent to William Maule. Wit: Thomas Knox, Robert Peele. (Reg. Northampton Co. May Ct. 1750) (Hoffmann Abstract 1741-59 pa68)

25 Jun 1747 Mary Brewer 46 acs. Nansemond Co on the S side of Nansemond riv. in the main Desert; adj. Thomas DUKE, John DUKE & Paul Brewer dec’d. (V pa 239)

20 Aug 1747 Sterling Clack 286 acs.Brunswick Co., down Reedy Cr.; adj. John DUKE , Mumford & John Edwards. (V pa 314).

31 Aug 1747 Vestry Book mentioned Daniel Pugh (plot #24) & Christopher Norfleet (plot #4). Ordered that Joseph Baker & Francis DUKE Procession all the lands in the bounds of No 20. (From Knuckle Swamp to Barbicue bet. Summerton road & Smiths Rd) #25: Ordered that John DUKE & Thomas DUKE procession all the lands of No 25 according to law. (Vestry Book pa 24-25)

[CFD Note: Christopher Norfleet was one of those who did #4]

A report of this assignment dated 18 Feb. 1747/48 "Francis DUKE line Philip Draper & Thos. DUKE present." (A description of #20 suggested that both Francis DUKE & Joseph Skinner owned land in #20). (Vestry Book pa 34)

23 Nov 1747 William Cathcart of Northampton Co, Esquire, gentleman to John DUKE of Nansemond Co.,Va, planter. 1250 acs. --- between.... ??? and Catawiske swamp , called Somersett, joing James Wood , White Oak meadow , Ahosky swamp, Alosky marsh , and Catawiske , part of a patent granted to William Maule, esquire 29 Nove 1716. Wit: Robert Peeble (??-Peele), Thomas Knox. (Reg. Northampton Co. Nov Ct 1747) (*Somersell??) (Hoffmann 1741-59 pa 50 Northampton Co )

18 Mar 1748 John DUKE of Bertie Co. NC to Moses Hare of Chowan Co land in Chowan Co 100 acs. "Beg. on the Beaverdam Swamp running to Short Beaverdam Swamp to the ‘Mase’ DUKE line (might be Amasa) to head of a branch"... Jurat: John Drury Witt: Mary Hare , Charity Hare

2 Aug 1748 Francis DUKE of Nans. Co to Amasa DUKE of the said county of the other part. "the plantation wheron he now lives Adam Knight." 100 acs.."is part of tract of 800 acs. land formerly granted unto Henry Hackley, dec’d by patent dated 14 April 1702 " was sold to Christopher Dudley & by him sold to Thomas DUKE by deed dated 12 April 1705. "Beg. at a pine near Scratch Hall branch..." Jurat: Wm Fryer , Thomas Piland Reg. 29 April 1749. ( Chowan Deed Book C-2 pa 167-168)

2 Aug 1748 Francis DUKE of Nans Co to John DUKE of Chowan Co. "the plantation whereon he now lives" 100 acs. "part of a tract of 800 acs. formely granted to Henry Hackley, dec’d by patent 14 April 1702 & by him was sold to Christopher Dudley & by him sold to Thomas DUKE by Scratch Hall branch and running..." Jurat: Wm Fryer Thomas Piland James fryer Chowan April Ct. 1749 Reg 29 April 1749. (Chowan Co Deed Book C-2 pa 159 - 160)

[RSA Note: The above two deeds seem to show that Francis DUKE is selling or bestowing part of his land to his - ‘sons’ ?? or at least relatives that he recieved from Thomas DUKE.... Fred Duke and I have not yet pinpointed the location of "Scratch Hall".]

19 Sept 1748 Northampton Co.: John DUKE & John Parker were witnesses to a deed: "both sides of Ahoskey Swamp" Northampton Ct. Feb. 1748 (Grimes Wills pa 61)

20 June 1749 Currituck Co. NC Daniel DUKE witnessed a deed Surveyed 18 June 1749. (Hoffmann #387)

22 June 1749 John DUKE of Northampton Co 53 acs. in Northampton Co., joining DUKE’s Corner. Surveyed 17 June 1749. (Hoffmann #670)

22 June 1749 John DUKE 53 acs in Norhampton Co., joining DUKE’s Corner , Isaac Hunter & Hoskey Pocoson. (Hoffmann #3424)

For archival purposes, the C. Fred Duke data are grouped according to year in these files: