The Dukes Family of Orangeburg County, SC


The Dukes family of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, began with Joseph Duke, first documented in the records of Rev. John Giessendanner in 1750. His descendants have since spread throughout the world. His parentage has not been proven, although DNA studies have eliminated many possible origins:

(Duke (and variants) Genealogical DNA Project)

(Duke DNA Test Results at Family Tree DNA)

The following is a summary of what has been documented about him and his family in the first generations after settlement below Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina, in the mid-1700Õs.




Duke yDNA Surname Study

Members of Duke or Dukes families are encouraged to participate in the Duke Surname Study at Only males in a direct patrilineal line of descent from Duke or Dukes (or other variants) ancestors can be tested, because yDNA is passed only from father to son. For results so far, see







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