Sarah Dukes

The baptism of Sarah Dukes occurred in the church at Orangeburgh on Easter Sunday, 22 Apr 1753:


156} E™dem Die et Loc™ (The same day and  place

 Sarah, Daughter of Joseph & Margaret Duke;

 born March 15th. 1753. Susceptr. Peter Faure, and

 Sarah, his wife, & Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Suther.


It is a reasonable inference that Sarah Dukes was named for Sarah FaurŽ. Elizabeth Suther was born Elizabeth Holman.

Sarah Dukes sometimes is said to have married Henry Snellgrove, son of Freeman Snellgrove, in about 1772, and moved to Lexington County, although this is unproven. The will of Sarah Snellgrove is dated Mar 14, 1798; she died about the first day of December 1798.[1] Some Snellgrove researchers dispute this.


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