The Marriages and Children of joseph Dukes

Joseph married Margaret Eisenhut, traditionally identified as Margaret “Hazelwood, daughter of Abraham Hazelwood.” It is unlikely that Margaret was the daughter of this Abraham “Hazelwood”, actually Eisenhut, who was too young, having been born in 1720. She instead was probably his sister. The Eisenhuts were from Gais, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland.[1] The original Eisenhut immigrant household in Orangeburgh consisted of:

1) Johannes Eisenhut, uncle of Abraham Eisenhut; [2]

2) Abraham Eisenhut, son of Johannes’ brother Abraham Eisenhut (1691-1726) and his wife Cathrina Heim (1688-1733);

3) Abraham’s half-sister Anna, daughter of Abraham Eisenhut I and his first wife, Anna Schläpfer (1691-1717); and

4) Margaret Eisenhut.

Margaret was probably another daughter of the elder Abraham Eisenhut, but is not recorded in the Gais parish records. With Catharina’s death in 1733, the young people left for Carolina with their Uncle Johannes. The death of Johannes in 1742 “in Carolina” was documented in the Gais parish register,[3] presumably following a letter to Switzerland by one of the numerous other Appenzellers in South Carolina.

Margaret Eisenhut and Joseph Dukes probably were married in about 1749, but their wedding could have been earlier. The marriage is not recorded in the Giessendanner records, but many records are missing from the 1740’s.

It is known that Michael Dukes was Joseph’s oldest son, but whether with Margaret or an earlier undocumented wife is unknown; he does not appear in the Giessendanner records. His place as oldest son of  Joseph is proven by a 29 and 30 Aug 1768 “lease and release” transaction between Michael and Joseph’s widow, Barbara Dukes, that was recorded in 1774, the year of her death:[4]

M-4, 303-308: Lease & release. 29 & 30 Aug 1768, Michael Dukes of St. Georges Parish, Berkeley County, Sc, planter, to Barbary Dukes his mother of same place, gentlewoman, for £50 SC money, 100 acres in Berkley County adj. land of John Faree, land granted to William Aldridge, it being one half or moiety of 200 acres granted to Joseph Dukes the father of said Michael Duke 3 Sept 1758, recorded in Book SS, page 428 [plat included in deed]. Michael Dukes (LS), wit. Ronald M’Donald, William M’Kenzie, George Andally [Anteley]. Proved 25 June 1774 before Christopher Rowe, J.P. in Orangeburgh District by the oath of George Andally. Recorded 10 Oct 1774.

This involved half of the original 200-acre grant to Joseph Dukes. The absence of Joseph from this transaction, and from Barbara’s will, indicates that he was no longer alive at this time. Michael inherited Joseph’s only unsold land grant, and was clearing title with respect to Barbara’s interest as Joseph’s widow. However, since Michael was the oldest Barbara was clearly his step-mother; the use of “mother” in this context is not unusual for the time.

Joseph Dukes and Margaret Eisenhut had two known children:


070} 1751 On Sunday June 2d ---- In Orangeburgh Church

 Thomas, Son of Joseph & Margaret Duke: Born

 4th September last: Susceptr: David Rumph,_

 Ulrich Roth, Sertina, wife of Brand Pendarvis.[5]



156} Eôdem Die et Locô (The same day and  place

 Sarah, Daughter of Joseph & Margaret Duke;

 born March 15th. 1753. Susceptr. Peter Faure, and

 Sarah, his wife, & Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Suther.[6]


The references above document several of the close acquaintances of the early Dukes family. Ursula or Sertina Pendarvis was the wife of Brand Pendarvis, one of the seven children of Joseph Pendarvis II and Parthena. Ursula was a daughter of Gideon Zanini (Anglicized to Jennings) and Ursula Wolfe of Switzerland. Her brother John married Barbara Dietrich Hasfort, widow of Richard Hasfort, and her brother Phillip married Elizabeth Hasfort, half-Indian former slave of Thomas Hasfort.

David Rumph was married to Mary Pendarvis, sister of Brand Pendarvis. He was from Bern Canton, and was a son of Christian Rumph, who obtained a grant in Orangeburg Township in 1735.[7] David Rumph’s first land grant in South Carolina was on Horse Savannah in St. Paul’s Parish.[8] In 1746 he was referred to as “David Rumph, planter of St. Paul’s Parish” in the marriage settlement between Peter Rumph, “cordwainer of Horse Savannah” and Catherine Knore. Others whose land appears on Horse Savannah in SCDAH records include Jonathan Fitch, James Pendarvis and Peter Bacot. In 1755 David Rumph obtained 350 acres on Indian Field Swamp in Berkeley County.[9] He moved to the St. George area, but he also obtained land in Purrysburg on the Savannah River in 1755.[10] His land there was near that of David Zubly, a relative of the Tobler and Forster families.[11]In 1769 David Rumph I owned land on the Edisto River adjacent James Pendarvis and George Muckenfuss.[12] The 1776 Mouzon map of South Carolina shows “Rumps” near the Four Holes Bridge at the lower end of Four Holes where it enters the Edisto River.

Peter Fauré was a Huguenot from the Cooper River, SC, area, who owned land and presumably lived immediately south of the land of John Eisenhut, uncle of Abraham Eisenhut. He was connected with the Hasforts.

Samuel Suther was a Swiss Reformed minister who later took over the responsibilities of Rev. John Giessendanner as minister in Orangeburgh, before moving to North Carolina.

Following the death of Margaret Eisenhut Dukes, Joseph remarried to Barbara Forster, whose first husband was Jacob Brunson and second husband was Robert Lammons.

Joseph and Barbara had three known children:

               George Alexander Dukes (21 Jun 1755 - After 1777)

               Susannah Dukes (Circa 1758 - )

               Rebecca Dukes (12 Sep 1759 - )

Their baptisms were recorded by Rev. John Giessendanner:


286} 1755 -- Baptized ---- in Orangeburgh Church_

 On Sunday August 31st_

 George Alexander, Son of Joseph & Barbara_

 Duke; born June 21st 1755. Suscept. Christopher

 Monheim, & Mary Catharina, wife of Henry Mell.[13]


481} (1758) On Easter Monday March 27th In Orangeburgh Church

 Susannah, Daughter of Joseph & Barbara_

 Duke; born ---- 175- Suret. [14]


602} (1760)_

 On Sunday Febr 3d In Orangeburgh Church_

 Rebeccah, Daughter of Joseph & Barbara Dukes;_

 born Septr 12th 1759. Suret: Henry Felder, Hannah,_

 wife of Jonathan Johnson, & Mary, wife of Jacob Fund.  [15]


The Mell and Monheim families were Swiss, as were the Felders and Pfunds. Hannah, wife of Jonathan Johnson, was a daughter of Barbara’s by her first marriage, to Jacob Brunson.

Barbara has left sufficient records to permit further discussion of her very interesting network of relatives and friends.


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