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For your convience, here are URLs to maps I have found useful.  Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, some of these may not work. If you find one of these, please let me know so I can update the list.

1895 State Maps, recent topographic and satellite views of the individual states from
Color Landform Atlas of the United States:
For the motherlode of maps; old, new, and special interest, try:
Hargrett Library, University of Georgia has colonial maps:
North Carolina
South Carolina
A great and very complete collection of South Carolina (and other states) is on the SCROOTs web site.  Look here for district maps from the 1823 Mill's Atlas
 My all-time personal favorite map is: A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Virginia Containing the Whole Province of Maryland with Part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina by Fry and Jefferson, 1751:
When I need to find the location of a town, river, creek, cemetery, or whatever, I go to to the USGS Geographical Names Information System: