Family of Austin Peay Duke, Sr.

by Gary D. Duke, 10JUL2006

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I present the complete family of Austin Peay Duke as follows:

Name Dob State Spouse

Austin Peay Duke 00-00-1806 SC Lucinda Grace Edwards

Lucinda Grace 02-05-1822 AL Austin Peay Duke

Isaac Moses 04-22-1838 AL Mary C. Wood

Parthenia Ann 06-07-1839 AL ____ Blackwell?

Mary Caldonia 04-22-1843 AL

Bartlett Smith 12-24-1845 AL (Killed in War 1864)

Margaret Ann 05-24-1847 AL John J. Lewis

Reuben Watts 06-27-1848 AL Fannie Pelgreen

David 00-00-1850 AL (Died when 9 yrs old)

Austin Peay 06-17-1851 AL Sarah A. Joiner

Eugene B. 01-05-1854 AL Rachel Knowles

Lucinda Grace 00-00-1855 MS

George F. 00-00-1857 MS Martha J. Knowles

Martha Victoria 11-00-1858 MS 1. B.F. Barfield, 2. B.F. Fleming

Thomas Bird 07-00-1859 MS Lucinda J. Cay

The lives of Austin Peay Duke (1806) and Lucinda Grace Edwards (1822) are covered in another report. This sketch will concern only the lives of their thirteen children.


This first child was born 4-22-1838 in Lowndes County, Alabama. His grandfather Duke was “Moses” Duke and his grandfather Edwards was “Isaac” Edwards ----- hence his names.

Before 1850, his parents had moved him to Pike County, Alabama and when he was 17

years old, they moved again to Jasper County, Mississippi, where they all lived in 1860.

Isaac was 23 when the Civil War began and records say he was a sergeant in Company I, 20th Mississippi Infantry. I do not yet have additional information about his service.

By the end of the War, Isaac’s parents moved again, this time to Union Parish, Louisiana.

It appears they lived near the small Louisiana town of “Sadie” which is located less than one mile from the northern border with Arkansas. Four miles north of that border, less than five miles away from Sadie, is the Arkansas town of “Lapile” (which is now called “Old Lapile” as there is a newer, larger town just to the north which is now “Lapile”). The family members became scattered between Sadie and Lapile with most of them being north of the border inside Arkansas. Almost all marriages were in Lapile.

Union Parish is in the middle of the northern Louisiana Parishes which border Arkansas and, in Union Parish, Isaac married in 1867 to Mary C. Wood.

Mary Wood’s parents were Oliver P. Wood, born 1825 Alabama and Mary Jane Wood, born 1820 Alabama. Oliver P. Wood’s parents were John Wood, born 1800 Georgia and Jenette Wood, born 1800 Georgia. Interestingly, John & Jennette Wood lived in Pike County, Alabama in did Austin P. Duke. In 1850 Pike also lived Oliver P. Wood, 25m AL, wife Mary Jane 30f Al, with their 1st child, a girl named Mary born in 1848.

In 1860, John & Jenette Wood and Oliver P. Wood had moved their families to Union Parish, Louisiana. That is, John & Jenette lived in Union Parish, near Marion, but Oliver lived in Union Co. Arkansas, near Lapile.

In the 1870 census, Isaac and Mary lived in Union Parish and there is a girl, Palestine M.. Duke, born in 1868 and a boy, Thomas E. Duke, only 4 months old in their household and I certainly must assume these are their children. Mary’s grandparents, John & Jeanette Wood lived with them in Union Parish. And her parents, Oliver & Mary, had also moved to Union Parish, living near Marion. They lived three houses from Isaac and Mary.

On 2-2-1876, Isaac’s father Austin, died in Union Parish.

By the 1880 census, Isaac and Mary had moved back east to Smith County, Mississippi, and their two children were not living with them. Smith County in Mississippi is the first county on the west side of Jasper where they used to live. Mary’s parents Oliver & Mary both still lived in Union Parish and grandmother Jenette now lived with them, as did Palestine and Thomas Duke, the two children of Isaac & Mary, although both are listed with a last name of Wood. Jumping to the next available census in 1900, both Isaac M. Duke and Mary C. still lived in Smith County, Ms. Isaac was then 62 and Mary 52 years old. And back in Louisiana, Palestine Wood had married Jonah B. Murray in Union Parish on 12-18-1899 and they lived in Union Parish in 1900 with Mary Wood, 60 years old and a widow, living with them and listed as “mother-in-law”. I cannot explain why Isaac & Mary Duke left their 12 & 10 year old children in Louisiana to live with Mary’s parents. The two children seem to have dropped their “Duke” name and took “Wood” but I cannot believe that a 2-year-old girl and a 4-month-old baby would have been living anywhere other than with their mother in 1870.

Isaac and Mary Duke were still alive and living in the same place, town of Spinola, Mississippi, in the 1910 census:

I. M. Duke 73m

M. C. Duke 63f

By the 1920 census, Isaac had died in Smith County. Mary Duke still lived there, near Spinola, by herself at age 70. I feel certain there must have been some relatives around but cannot identify them. There were many “Dukes” families living in Smith during these years but none I can relate to Isaac & Mary.

I don’t know when Mary died.


This 2nd child of Austin and Lucinda was born 6-7-1839 in Lowndes County, Alabama. She moved with her parents to Pike County and then to Jasper County by the time she was 16 years old.

By the 1860 census, Parthenia Ann was 21 years old but still living in the house of her parents. It is reported that she married _____ Blackwell and there is a 2 year old girl in the household named “U.A. Blackwell” (I “think” the initials are “U.A.”) There is no husband for her and I only presume the child belongs to her as her name is still listed as Duke. There is no Blackwell associated with the family after that time. The female child also disappears from the family.

I cannot locate Parthenia after that 1860 census.


This daughter was born in 4-22-1843 in Lowndes County, Alabama. She moved with her parents to Pike County and then to Jasper County by the time she was 12 years old.

In the 1860 census, she lived with her parents in northwestern Jasper County, near the town of Montrose.

It is unanimously reported elsewhere that Mary C. Duke married on 1-26-1862 in Union County, Arkansas, to W. B. Alderson but that appears to be in error. The Union County marriage record lists the name as Mary E. Duke and I point out that Mary Caldonia Duke was still living in Jasper County, Mississippi, with her parents at that time. They did not move to Union Parish, Louisiana until shortly after 1865. I do not believe the Union, Arkansas, record refers to her. I find no Alderson associated with any of the Duke family.

Because of a screw-up in the 1870 Union Parish census, I cannot ascertain whether Mary C. was there with the family. She could even have died after the 1860 census as I cannot locate her after 1860.


This son was born 12-24-1845, probably in Lowndes County, Alabama. He moved to Jasper County, Mississippi, with his family when he was 10 years old.

He joined the “Jasper Greys” of the Confederate Army on May 6, 1861 when he was only 16 years old. The “Greys” were assigned to Co I, 20th Mississippi Infantry which was the same unit as his brother Isaac. The 20th Mississippi was at Ft Donelson in Tennessee and were part of the Confederate Army which was surrendered to U. S. Grant in 1862. They were exchanged at Vicksburg on 9-18-1862, then reorganized and stayed around Mississippi and Tennessee until May of 1864 when they were sent east to combine with the Army of the Tennessee which was then resisting Sherman on his march to Atlanta. Bartlett was killed in action on 8-6-1864, probably in the battles around Atlanta.


This daughter was born in Lowndes or Pike County, Alabama, on 1-24- 1847. She moved with her parents to Pike and then to Jasper County when she was but 8 years old.

She still lived with the family near Montrose, Jasper County, Mississippi, in 1860. About 1865 her family moved again, to Union Parish, Louisiana, but Margaret Ann had already married in Jasper County on 9-22-1864 to John James Lewis, he born 12-23-1837. Margaret and John moved to Union Parish at the same time her parents moved there.

In the 1870 Union Parish census they were:

John J. Lewis 32m MS

Margaret A. 23f AL

Laura Ann 4f MS

Sarah 2f AR

William 6/12 m LA

They continued to live in Union Parish and continued to have lots of kids. By 1880

they were:

John J. Lewis 42m MS SC SC

Margaret A. 32f AL SC AL

Laura Ann 14f LA

William H. 10m LA

Duke 8m LA

Virginia 7f LA

Christian 4f LA

Edward 2m LA

James 1m LA

Ann C. Lewis 73f NC Scotland SC (John’s mother)

Next door to them lived Margaret’s younger brother, Thomas Bird Duke with his family.

John J. Lewis and Margaret A. Duke Lewis both are buried in the Union Cemetery, near her father Austin. John died on 11-8-1898 and Margaret died only 4 days later on 11-12-1898. Their son, George W. Lewis born in 1884, lived with the Eugene Duke family in the 1900 census of Union County, Arkansas. Another son, Martin Lewis, born 11-1885, listed as “nephew” lived in the 1900 household of George F. Duke.

It is reported by others that they had a total of 14 children.


Reuben W. was born 6-27-1848 in Lowndes or Pike, Alabama, moved with his family to Jasper, Mississippi, then to Union Parish, Louisiana about 1865 while he was still only 17 years old.

On 12-18-1868 in Union County, Arkansas, Reuben married Fanny Pelgreen.

In the 1870 census, Ruben is found living with his in-laws:

William Pelgreen 52m SC

Sarah 50f NC

Harriet A. 23f Al

Georgia Ann 16f La

Fanny 14f La

William 12m La

Reuben Duke 21m La

Fanny Willson 21f Al

Caroline Harrison 16f La

Obviously the census report raises some questions........he married Fanny Pelgreen two years earlier.....but the Fanny Pelgreen in this record is still only 14 years old. I presume his wife is the the 21 year old Fanny but her name is reported as Willson ?? Who is Caroline Harrison? I don’t know these answers.

In the 1880 census he was living in Union County, town of Lapile:

R. Dukes 33m AL AL AL

R. Francis 34f AL SC SC

Mary M. 8f AR

Samuel 3m AR

In 1900 he is in Union Parish, Louisiana:

Ruben W. Duke 11-1848 AL SC AL

Rebecca A. Duke 11-1840 AL AL AL

In 1910 they are in Winn Parish, Louisiana:

Rubin W. Duke 61m AL SC AL

Sarah A. 51f AR

(These last two records may indicate Rubin has remarried or they may only be census errors but his wife’s name is different each time.)

I do not find Rubin after 1910.


This son was born in Pike County during the year of 1850 but died there of unknown causes when he was nine years old (some say he was only four years old but it matters little).


This son, obviously named after his father, was born in Pike County, Alabama, on 6–17-1851. He moved with his parents to Jasper County in 1855 and then to Union Parish, Louisiana, about 1865 when he was still only 14 years old..

Austin is not seen in the 1870 census because there is an obvious flaw in the records. His father, Austin P. Duke, is listed in Union County, Arkansas, town of Lapile, but neither wife Lucinda nor the six youngest children who were all still at home at that time, are listed with him or elsewhere. I conclude a screw-up by the census taker.

On 7-23-1872 Austin married Sarah A. Joiner in Union County, Arkansas, and by the 1880 Arkansas census, town of Lapile, they had this family:

Austin Duke 28m AL SC AL

Sallie 27f MS AL AL

John 4m AR

Hiram 1m AR


Austin P. Duke Sr had died in Union Parish in 1776.

Austin P Duke Jr and Sarah have not been located after the 1880 census. They are not found in any Union County cemeteries but it appears they both were dead by early 1900 (after the birth of *Austin - below), before the census was taken that year, because in the town of Lapile, is their son Hiram. A marriage record in Union County says that Hiram Duke married Mattie Culpepper there in 1898.

Hiram Duke 04-1879 AR MS MS head

Mattie 05-1880 AR wife

George 10-1898 AR son

Sarah 06-1900 AR daughter

The most convincing evidence is that, also in Lapile, is:

Gilbert Joiner 03-1851 MS head

Katherine C. 02-1856 AR wife

William 09-1875 AR son

Annie 03-1878 AR daughter

Katie 11-1880 AR daughter

*Ostin Duke 11-1889 AR nephew

*I think this must be “Austin” Duke and he has to be a son of Austin & Sarah who is now living with Sarah’s brother. So that makes three children for Austin and Sarah with a big gap between 1879 and 1889 so there are probably others yet unidentified.


This next son was born 1-5-1854 in Pike County, Alabama. His parents moved him to Jasper, Louisiana, the next year and then to Union Parish, Louisiana when he was still only 11 years old.

As was explained previously, he was missed with his father in Union in the 1870 census.

On 1-27-1876, in Union County, Arkansas, he married to Rachael Knowles. The Knowles family is seen in 1870 Union County:

William R. Knowles 48m AL

Sarah 35f AL

Rachael 16f AR

Catherine 14f AR

Drusilla 10f AR

Jane (Martha Jane) 9f AR

Margaret 5f AR

Eugene lived near the town of Johnson in Union County, Arkansas, at the time of the 1900 census:

Eugene B. Duke 1854m MS head

Rachael A. 1853f AR wife

Griffin 1878m AR son

Alonzo 1880m AR son

Drew W. 1881m AR son

Zachariah 1883m LA son

George N. Lewis 1884m LA nephew

I do not find Eugene or Rachael in 1910, but, in that census, living in Union County, Arkansas, are Drew W., Morgan and William Duke. Drew is their son, Morgan is a son of Littleton C. Duke and William is the son of George R. Duke.

Rachel died in 1912 and, in 1920 Eugene is still near Johnson, living alone, but next door to son Drew and his family.

In 1930 Eugene is still there, 76 years old, and living with his son Lonnie (Alonzo).

In the “Knowles Cemetery” south of El Dorado and near the town of Urbana in Union County are buried:

Eugene B. Duke 01-05-1854 07-19-1931

Rachel A. Duke 12-06-1853 10-20-1912 (Eugene’s wife)

G. S. Duke 01-20-1878 01-20-1930 (son Griffin S.)

G. F. Duke 08-18-1856 11-02-1902 (George F. Duke)

Martha Jane Duke 11-29-1858 03-05-1942 (wife of George

Georgia Duke Hammond 02-15-1902 03-07-1948 (prob dau of George)

And at the Strong City Cemetery are buried:

Drew W. Duke b 03-28-1881 d 09-30-1960 (Eugene’s son)

Martha Ann Duke 02-01-1887 03-24-1952 (Drew’s wife)

Henry Morgan Duke 03-22-1883 08-20-1960 (son of Littleton Duke)

Sula Brillhart Duke 01-13-1892 09-08-1973 (Henry’s wife)

Lon F. Duke 01-09-1880 08-05-1959 (Alonzo, Eugene’s son)

Daisy Coleman Duke 11-18-1880 09-18-1953 (Alonzo’s wife)

William Riley Duke 1881 1947 (George’s son)

Callie Coleman Duke 1883 1965 (William’s wife)

Eliza Peterson Duke 02-09-1879 02-16-1926 (wife of Wm T. Duke)

At the Good Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Strong are buried:

Zack R. Duke 12-01-1883 04-04-1939 (Eugene’s son)

Tureau Farrar Duke 01-23-1889 10-02-1966 (Zack’s wife)


This daughter was born in Jasper, Mississippi about 1855 and moved with her family to Union Parish, Louisiana, when she was nine years old. In the 1860 census she was listed as “Lucy Jr” making me confident her name was the same as her mother’s.

She, too, was missed in the 1870 census but must have been there in Union County.

Of all her later siblings, she is the only one of whom there is no marriage record in Union County, Arkansas, nor have I found her record in Louisiana.

It is erroneously reported by others that she married Tolbert Meadows and lived and died in and around Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. There was a woman named Lucy Ann Duke who married Tolbert Meadows but that Lucy Ann was a daughter of James J. Duke of Heard County, Georgia. The two Lucy’s were even born within a few months of each other. There is no evidence that James J. Duke of Georgia was related to Austin P. Duke.

Therefore, I find no record of Lucy Duke in Arkansas or Louisiana.....nothing after the family left Mississippi. There is no record establishing that her middle name was “Ann” and it is highly likely that it was “Grace”. Perhaps she never made it to Louisiana?


This son was born in Jasper County, Mississippi, in 1857 and was moved to Union Parish, Louisiana, in 1865 when he was 8 years old.

He was missed in the 1870 census but undoubtedly lived in Union County with his family.

On March 29, 1877, he married in Union County, Arkansas, to Martha J. Knowles, sister to Rachael Knowles who had married his older brother, Eugene.

In the 1880 census, he lived in Union County, Arkansas:

G. F. Duke 24m MS

Martha J. 18f AR

Minnie 2f AR

In the next available census, 1900, they still lived in Union County, township Johnson:

George F. Dukes 08-1855 MS AL AL head

Martha J. 11-1858 AR AR AR wife

William R. 03-1881 AR son

Mary E. 06-1883 AR daughter

Stella E. 06-1886 AR daughter

Katie 03-1888 AR daughter

Hugh E. 08-1890 AR son

Millie 07-1893 AR daughter

Jessie 11-1896 AR son

Morgan H. 03-1883 AR (Son of Littleton Duke)

Martin Lewis 11-1885 AR nephew

William R. Knowles 11-1829 AR father-in-law

George F. Duke died 11-2-1902 and is buried in the Knowles Cemetery, Union County, Arkansas. Martha Jane Knowles Duke lived on in Union County, Johnson township, died in 1942 and is buried next to George in Knowles Cemetery Her daughter Jessie had married Carl Torrence and she lived with them. Her sons Hugh E. Duke and William R. Duke were married and also living in Johnson township in 1930. I have not looked for the other children but expect that most of them were still around.


This daughter was born in November, 1858, in Jasper County, Mississippi, and was moved to Union Parish in 1865.

She, too, was missed in the 1870 census.

She married in Union County, Arkansas, on Jan 11, 1877 to B. F. Barefield. (correct spelling is “Barfield”) On July 2, 1880, they had moved to Bowie County, Texas. Bowie County is located at the extreme northeast corner of Texas so is actually not far from Union County. .

Frank Barfield 26m GA SC SC head

Mollie V. 20f MS NC SC wife

Minnie L. 3f TX daughter

Zane F. 1m TX son

There were several other “Barfield” familes in Bowie. One of them, William Barfield, 38m born GA with parents born SC-SC, appears to be Frank’s brother. William’s wife was Missouri, 39f SC, and they had two kids, Charles N. and Mary J., both born in Alabama. A 66 year old widow woman, Epsey Barfield, born in NC, lived alone nearby and I believe her to be their mother. There is a large “Barfield” cemetery in Bowie with many family members buried there. Although Frank, William, and Epsey are not listed, one grave says that Rit Barto Barfield, born in 1838, was a son of Charles & Apsey Barfield

B. Frank Barfield died and Martha “Mollie” Victoria Duke later married Benjamin Frank Fleming and they are found in the 1900 census for Wood County, Texas, town of Winnsboro.

Benjamin Fleming 04-1858 head AL GA GA

Martha V. 11-1858 wife Ms SC AL

Cora (adopted) 01-1888 dau AL

Reford (adopted) 10-1892 son AL

Lucindy Duke 01-1822 Mother AL SC SC

As is seen, Lucinda Duke, wife of Austin P. Duke Sr, who died in Union Parish, Louisiana, in 1876, is now living in Texas with her daughter Martha. It is also noted that both children are “adopted”. Perhaps they were Martha’s “Barfield” children or some other relative but I have not determined this.

In 1910 they live in Franklin County, Texas, which adjoins Wood County on the northeast side. I happen to now live 12 miles from the town of Winnsboro, Texas, and know that it still only has 3500 people. It is located so that part of the town is in Wood County, part in Franklin County, and part in Hopkins County.

Frank Fleming 52m AR head

Victoria 52f MS wife

Ella Duke 26f LA niece

Ollie Duke 24m LA nephew

As is seen below, Ella and Ollie are children of Thomas Duke..

In 1920 they still lived in Franklin County:

B. F. Fleming 63m AR GA GA

Martha “ 63f MS NC AL

The 1920 census for Frank & Martha was taken February 11. It is reported by others that Martha Victoria Duke Fleming died on May 15, 1920 and that she is buried in the Sandy Bend cemetery in Union County, Arkansas. I do not believe there is a “Sandy Bend” cemetery - it is a very small community and uses cemeteries in nearby towns, in particular, it uses the Strong Cemeteries. It is possible that she was transported back to Union County for burial but I have not found a grave for her. I do note in the 1930 census that she has died and Frank has remarried. He now lived in Camp County, Texas:

Frank B. Fleming 72m AR GA GA

Lizzie B. “ (Wife) 52f TN MS TN


This son and final child of Austin and Lucinda Duke, was born in July, 1859 in Jasper County, Mississippi. He was moved to Union Parish in 1865 and then missed in the 1870 census.

On 1-10-1878 he married in Union County, Arkansas, to Lucinda J. Cay

In the 1880 Union Parish, Louisiana, census, they lived next door to his sister, Margaret A. Lewis:

Thomas B. Duke 20m MS

Jane K. 21f AR

Lizzie 1f LA

In 1900 the family was going strong, still in Union Parish:

Tom B. Duke 07-1859 MS

Jane 01-1856 AR

Lizzie 10-1878 LA

Beulah 08-1881 LA

Ella 11-1883 LA

Ollie 12-1885 LA

Lila 03-1888 LA

Minnie 02-1890 LA

Crawford 09-1893 LA

Elsa 01-1895 LA (son)

Wesley 02-1900 LA

In 1910, they were still in Union Parish:

Tom B. Duke 50m MS

Jane L. 53f AR

Minnie 18f LA

Crawford E. 16m LA

Thomas E. 14m LA

George W. 10m LA

In 1920 they all live in Union Parish:

Tom B. Dukes 60m MS head

Lucinda 63f LA wife

Clara (Sisco?) 12f LA grand-daughter

Ruthie Sisco 6f LA grand-daughter

Ollie E. Dukes 34m head

Kate 25f wife

Orva 7m son

J. T. 5m son

Mary R 3.6f daughter

(Unnamed) 4/12m son

Crawford Dukes 24m head

Mary 19f wife

(All of these families lived side-by-side).

In 1930 they are all still there:

Tom B. Duke 70m

Lucinda 74f

Ollie E. Duke 44m

Kate and a bunch of kids

Crawford Duke 36m

Mary and some kids

(Still side-by-side)

Thomas B. Duke and Lucinda J. Duke are both buried in the Union Cemetery at Sadie, Louisiana. She died in 1932 and he in 1936. Son Ollie E. Duke is also buried there, having died 2-7-1966. This is the same cemetery where Austin P. Duke is buried.