Samuel Duke, Plat for 73 acres, 1802, Fairfield District, SC
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SC Dept of Archives entry 0009-009-0039-00056-01
Also, SC State Plats, Volume 39(2), page 56
Also, Camden District Deed Books, Book AA, page 7

"South Carolina
I do hereby certify for Samuel Duke a tract of land containing Seventy three Acres (Surveyed for him the 3rd of July 1802) Situate in the Fairfield Dist. on Roundtop a branch of twenty-five Mile Creek and hath such form and marks buttings and boundings as the above plat represents Given under my hand this 12th of August 1802.
(signed) J. G. Guignard Surv. Gen.
(signed) T: Alston Dep Surv"

TLC Note: The five-sided tract is roughly trapezoidal-shaped with adjacent neighbors being Patrick Noracas, Estate of John Wilson, Moses and Aaron Dukes, and Lemuel Perry. There is not enough information on the plat to indicate the direction of the neighbors.

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