Last Will and Testament
Robert Duke of Camden
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Kershaw Co., SC Will Book A, p. 239, LWT of Robert Duke of Camden
Original in Package 746, Apartment 22, Kershaw District, SC Probate Records

"The Last Will & Testament of Robert Duke deceased

Proved ?8 Jan'y 1785
Robert Duke's Will
Recorded A 239"

(inside, double sheet)
"In the name of god, Amen. in Desember the tenth in the year of our lord, one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty four I Robert Duke of South Carolina Camden District being Weak in body But Sound in memory Blessed be god Do this Day make and Publish this my last Will and Testament in manner followind

first, I resign my body to the grave and Likewise my Sole to god that gave it

first my funirel Charges and and my Lawfull Debts to be Pade

Next, I Do give and beQeave to my beloved Son Thomas Duke one Shilling Sterling

Next, I Doe give and beQeave to my Daughter Rachael Crim Thirty pounds Sterling money

Next, I Doe give to my two beloved Sons Moses Duke and Aaron Duke my plantation and Tract of land Whereon I now live on twenty five mile Creek

Next, I Do give to my beloved Wife Nancy Duke a Certin Negro Wench Jude During her Life and att her DeCees to my Son Moses Duke.

Next, I Do Leave and Desire my Negroes ham met and Sambo. Likewise my Stock of horses and Cattle hoog and all my other Moveable Estate to be kept together until my son Moses Duke comes to the age of twenty one years of age and then to be Sold att publick Vandue and one years Credet given and the money to be EQuelly Devided among my Six younget Children

Next I Do give to my youngest Son Jesse Duke a Tract of land on Sawneys Creeke Containing one hundred and fifty aCres and I Do Likewise Leave my other two Tracts of Land one near the mouth of fishing Creek and the other near Careys old Saw mill to be Sold on the Same Terms as my other Moveable Estate and Likewise to be Devided among Six youngest children

And I Do Leave and Desire Moses Duke and William Simmons Sole Executors to Settle this my Last Will and Testament and I the said Robert have this Day acknowledged this to be my my Last Will and Testament as witness I have set my hand and fixed my seal according to the Day and year above Written.
Brought over"

(back, top)
"(signed) Robert Duke

Signed Sealed and Delivered, by the Said Robert Duke to be his Last Will and Testament In preasents of us
(signed) William Simmons,
(signed) Peter Crim,
(signed) Moses duke"

(back, bottom)
"William Simmons, Peter Crim, & Moses dukes being duly Sworn, made Oath that they were present and did see Robert Duke the Testator named in the within instrument of Writing Sign, Seal and acknowledge the same as his Last Will and Testament, that the said Robt Duke, the Testator, was then of sound mind and memory and that they the Deponents subscribed their names as Witnesses to the Execution of the said Will, and that the names William Simmons, Peter Crim & Moss Duke are the Depont's own Hanbd Writings and that they suscribed as such in the presence of the Testator and each other
Sworn to this 28th Jan'y 1785, before me
Jno? ??? J. P."

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