Power of Attorney, Moses Duke to Bartlett S. Duke
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Kershaw County, SC Deed Book N, pages 27-28
"Moses Duke to Bartlet Duke
Power Attorney
Know all men by these presents, that I Moses Duke of the State of Mississippi, Lowndes County, for divers good causes and considerations, me hereunto moving ??? The day of the date hereof, made, ordained, constituted and appointed, and by these presents, do make, ordain, constitute, and appoint my worthy friend Bartlett S. Duke of the State and County aforesaid my true and lawful attorney, in my name, place, and stead & for my proper use & benefit, to ask, demand, sue for and discover, all debts & demands whatever, now due, or which may hereafter fall due & payable to me, from any person, or persons whatever in the State of South Carolina, and in my name to make & execute all proper recepts and acquittances for the same: And in my name, place, and stead, and for my proper use and benefit, to bargain, sell, a lien and convey, all lands, tenements and hereditaments, & the appurtances thereunto belonging of which I am now possessed, in the said State of South Carolina, forever, and in my name, place and stead to make and execute, all bonds and deed or deeds of Conveyances for said lands, tenements & hereditaments, that may be necessary for me to execute, in relation to the premises: Hereby giving & granting unto my said attorney, full power & authority to do & perform, all and whatever, I might, could, would, or should do in the premises, were I personally present: Hereby satisfying and confirming all & whatever my said attorney may lawfully do on the premises, on as full and ample a manner, as if I were personally present. In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set and subscribed my name, & affixed my seal this 12th day of November 1833.
(signed) Moses Duke. (seal)
Attest T?G. Tucker.
Recorded 20 day December 1833

The State of Mississippi
Lowndes County.
Personally appeared before me George D. Fant an acting Justice of the Peace in said County. Moses Duke, whose name is subscribed to the above annexed & foregoing Power of Attorney, who acknowledged that he signed, sealed, & delivered the same as his act, and deed, on the day and year therein mentioned.
Given under my hand and seal 12th day of November 1833
(signed) Geo: D. Fant (seal)
Justice of the Peace

The State of Mississippi
Lowndes County.
I William L. Moore, Clerk of Probate, in and for Lowndes County Miss. do certify that the foregoing, and annexed Deed of Conveyance, was delivered to me for record, on the 12th day of November 1833 and the same has been duly Recorded in the Records of my Office this the 13th day of November 1833 in Book 3. pages 224 and 225.
Given under my hand and official seal (signed) William L. Moore (seal)
Clerk of Probate"

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