Data Abstracts of the Mississippi Duke(s) Families by Joe Lineberger
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[Several people have enquired about the extent of my research.  I am extracting this information from notebooks that I have compiled over nearly 40 years of research. My Duke research includes VA, SC, GA, some AL and FL. These postings are unordered as one can tell because they come from random notes.  Please realize that I have probably made mistakes in transcription. I went to all these county courthouses and transcribed these notes from the original records by hand. I was always working on limited time so I very likely left out some pertinent information. One needs to review the individual record to verify what I have compiled.  I Hope that they can be of benefit to a Duke researcher. -- Joe Lineberger

Mississippi Will Index:  Tallahatchie, LaFayette and Yalobusha Counties", p. 56:
A. B. C. Duke    Tal    B-105    1896
John P. Duke    Laf    1-191    1869
Mary Duke    Yal(1)    B-122    1867
Z. P. Duke    Laf    1-142    1861