Moses Duke, Land Grant for 330 acres in Fairfield District, SC
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Camden District Deed Books, Book BB, page 36
Also SC Dept of Archives entry 0009-009-0044-00261-03 (dated 1816/10/09)
So Carolina
pursuant to a Warrant from Sam'l W. Yongue Com'r of Land For Fairfield District, dated 5th February 1816, I have admeasured & laid out unto Moses Duke a Tract of Land containing Three hundred & Thirty Acres, Situated in s'd Dist. on round Top Branch, Waters of twenty five Mile Creek, Waters of Broad River, bounded by lands surveyed for the above named persons, round the plat & hath such forms and marks as above plat represents -- surveyed 26th March 1816
(signed) Jas? Whittaker DS
Recorded 13th April 1816 deliver Dukes-- (fees 10/ paid)"

TLC Notes: According to the plat, this nine-sided tract includes both sides of Twenty Five Mile Creek for over 3000 feet northwestward from the mouth of Round Top Branch which lies within the property on the eastern edge. Lands granted to Robert Duke to the South, John Wilson to the north, and to the Southeast, Quintin Craig. The reference to Broad River is surely an error by the surveyer. Twenty Five Mile Creek is a tributary of the Wateree River.

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