Indenture, Moses Duke to Elizabeth Abbott
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Kershaw Co., SC Deed Book D,page 83-84
"South Carolina
Know all men by these presents that I Moses Dukes of Sawney Creek in Fairfield County and State aforesaid planter am held and firmly bound to Elizabeth Abbott of Kershaw County Widow of John Abbott deceased in the full and just Sum of one thousand Dollars to be paid to the said Elizabeth Abbott her certain Attorney Executors Administrators or Assigns To which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs executors and Administrators firmly by these presents Sealed with my Seal and dated at Camden this Twenty six the day of January one thousand eight hundred and three. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above named John Abbot did in and by his last Will and Testament devise that the said Elizabeth should have a reasonable Maintainance out of his Estate and gave the residue of his Estate to the said Moses Duke And whereas the said Moses has given and delivered to the said Elizabeth a certain Bed and furniture two Iron pots three pewter plates three Knives and forks a Dish and a Bason, and also a Bay Mare and a Saddle and Bridle and for the whole? and absolute use and behoof of the said Elizabeth her heirs and so forth forever And hath also promised agreed and engaged annually and every year during her life to furnish supply and deliver to her three hundred Weight of good merchantable Pork, one Bushel of Oatts? one Barrel of good Merchantable Flour twenty five Bushels good sound Indian Corn five hundred Weight of good Corn blades? four pounds of Coffee Twenty pounds of good brown Sugar and Seven yards of good fine jingan And alsio to furnish her and supply her during the same time with the use of three good Milch Cows with young Calves every year and to winter them in the Winter Season And also to furnish her with a comfortable dwelling House to live in that is to say, to let her remain and reside in the house wherein she now stays Rent free or free of any charge for Rent and to repaid and fix up the said houe and put and keep it in good repair and comfortable order and condition during her Life Now the Conditions of the above obligations is such that if the above named Mose Duke his Heirs Executors or Administrators shall well and truly annually and every year during the life of the said Elizabeth furnish supplly and deliver to her the several articles and things above mentioned to be furnished supplied and delivered to her and in manner form and Conditions as abovementioned And shall winter and supply with sufficient provender the Cattle abovementioned And furnish her with a confortable Dwellling House as abovementioned and repair it as abovementioned and let her remain peaceable and quitely in it free from any molestation or charge or demand for Rent during her life as aforesaid And also warrant and defind the said Bed Furniture Pots plates Knives forks Dishes Bason & Mare and Saddle and Bridle to her and her Heirs Executors Administratiors and Assigns forever then the above obligations to be void and of no effect or else remains in full force and virtue N. B. It is understood the said Eliabeth is not to move out of the County of Kershaw and demand those annual Supplies In whence or at any place out of or without the limits of the said County of Kershaw.
(signed) Moses Duke (sealed)
Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of
(signed) Isreal G. Mathis
(signed) Chapman Levy

South Carolina Kershaw District
Isreal Gauntt Mathis maketh oath and saith that he was present and Saw the within named Moses Duke sign seal and as his Act and Deed deliver the within written Bond or Writing obligatory and also saw Chapman Levy sign his Name thereto as a Subscribing Witness with this Disponant
(signed) Israel G. Mathis

Sworn this 27 Jan'y 1803
before me Sam Mathis J. Q.

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