Genealogy Data from the David Gavin Diary
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Email from Lynn Teague, dated September 7, 1999 and January 31, 2000, concerning a diary written by David Gavin

I ran across a reference to the Lancaster County Duke family in, of all things, The Diary of David Gavin, 1850's-1870's. This is a typescript, spiral bound, volume taken from a handwritten diary that is archived in Orangeburg or Colleton counties. The typescript is distributed by a gentleman in St. George. Anyway, Gavin lived near St. George, where he knew various members of the Orangeburg Dukes family. However, on page 146, Sunday, October 31, 1856, he noted that:

"Great grand-father Gavin was injured by being security [I'm working from a typed transcript and I think this is somehow misread, it seems meaningless, but . . .] and had to sell property, and is buried on the N. East side of Catawba river in South Carolina on a plantation then owned by Sadie Perry, who had a brother named James Perry; the river was wide and deep here where Grandfather Gavin lived, he lived not far from the line of North & S. Ca. One of his neighbors was named Dukes, she had two sons John & Moses, Elijah died. My grand-father had moved from Meclenburg Co. No. Ca. near Rocky creek enters the Catawba river, (I suppose Great-grand-father came with Grand-father).

Hezekiah Ford and Grand-father (Charles Gavin) married sisters, Miss Byrds, Celia & Bathiah, Ford had only two children by Miss Byrd, named Bartlet & Mary who married Witherspoon, Bartlet Smith was half-brother to Grandmother Bathiah Gavin and her (grand-mother Gavin's) mother's or my Great grand-mother's maiden name was King, and she had a brother named John King, their mother (my great grand-mother) married a second time, a man named Ball, and when she died John King kept all the property, about forty negroes, and gave her only one negro girl, This information is got from an old negro got from grand-mother Gavin named Friday. I have heard my father speak of some of these circumstances particularly the property taken by King. Grand-mother Gavin had half sisters named Fulgium or Fulgum or some such name, Some of the Kings, Fords & Fulgums moved to Mississippi about Natches & pearl river. One of the Fulgum's half-sister visited Grand-mother whlst she lived on Leaf ?ver Green Co. Miss."

Email from Lynn Teague, dated September 7, 1999, 13:30:42, concerning a diary written by David Gavin

The diary doesn't say when gr grand-father died (or at least I haven't found it if so; the diary isn't indexed and is several hundred pages). However, the LDS ancestral file indicates that Charles Gavin was born in Bertie Co NC in 1730 and died in Lancaster County SC in 1790. His son Charles Gavin was born about 1750 Duplin NC and died 1824 in Colleton Co. Their son John was born 1 Jun 1780 in Orangeburgh District SC and died 16 Jun 1838 in Colleton Co. SC. This John and his wife Ann Hughes were parents of the David Gavin of the diary, who was born (15 Nov 1811) and died (17 Jan 1875) in Colleton Co SC. So, the reference to the Duke family presumably refers to the period before 1790.

Lynn Teague can be contacted by email. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing this key data with us.

(TLC Notes) Genealogical information from the diary of David Gavin, continued.
"Diary of David Gavin, 1850's to 1870's" published by Jim Lay, Dorchester, SC

Ann Hughes was the daughter of David and Susanna Hugh(e)s. Susanna's father was John Aberly or Averly. The name of the wife of Charles Gavin, deceased 1824 was Bathiah. From page 137.

"...My paternal grandfather Charles Gavin, paternal Aunt Gressott and other relatives are buried on Cattles creek in Orange parish So Ca. the plantation now owned by Jno. or Rcd Berry. My paternal grandmother Bathiah Gavin and other relatives are buried at Hopewell Church in Jasper Co. Miss about 12 miles above Pauldin. An uncle Charles Gavin and aunt Clayton and Aunt Ann Bolton are buried in Green or Perry Co. on Leaf River Miss. My Great Grand Father in Lancaster dist So. Ca. on Catawba river on a plantation formerly owned by Zadoc Perry..." From page 199.

" my great grandfather Gavin came from Ireland and settled at the Waxhaw settlement, and is buried on the Catawba river near Rocky Mount or Creek, on a plantation formerly belonging to Zadoc Perry. My Grandfather Charles Gavin married a Byrd and moved to Cattles creek in the lower part of Orangeburg Dist. and is buried there near Jno Barry's mill, formerly my father's. My Grandmother Bathiah Gavin moved to Mississippi and is buried at Hopewell Church in Jasper Co.." From page 258.

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