Data Abstracts of the Georgia Duke(s) Families I by Joe Lineberger
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[Several people have enquired about the extent of my research.  I am extracting this information from notebooks that I have compiled over nearly 40 years of research. My Duke research includes VA, SC, GA, some AL and FL. These postings are unordered as one can tell because they come from random notes.  Please realize that I have probably made mistakes in transcription. I went to all these county courthouses and transcribed these notes from the original records by hand. I was always working on limited time so I very likely left out some pertinent information. One needs to review the individual record to verify what I have compiled.  I hope that they can be of benefit to a Duke researcher. -- Joe Lineberger

Volume One:

Records of Dukes in Georgia Before 1790

John Duke, planter of Buckhead, issued a Bill of Sale on December 1, 1756 for 35 to Andrew Nowland, yeoman of Buckhead for a Negro woman named Peg. Wit: Tho. Bautch and George Upton. Recorded April 18, 1759. [Buckhead was located near Brier Creek which runs through present-day Burke and Screven Counties.] Georgia Colonial Book J, 1755-1762, pp 245-246.

"155-6. The common jail at Savannah was broken open on Sunday morning last at 3:00. Joseph Prine and John My Dukes escaped. Prine is thin in shape, swarthy complexion, about 5 feet 8-1/2 inches tall, and about 20 years old but looks somewhat older. He wears his own brown hair, somewhat clubbed and oftener hanging low over his shoulders. He escaped wearing a chocolate colored coat, red waistcoat and leather breeches. He has probably gone to Saltketchers in South Carolina where he has many relations. John My Dukes is a stout, well-made young fellow of a florid complexion, about 20 years of age and about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches tall. He wears his own hair of light brown color and escaped wearing a light colored cloth coat and leather breeches. Issued: 13 April 1772." Georgia Black Book, p. 8

On 16 November, 1773, "Henry Duke of South Carolina" received liberty to settle on land "ceded to His Majesty." The family of Henry Duke, at that time, consisted of a wife, three sons, and two daughters. Henry was granted 1000 acres of land at the head of Fishing Creek "where Michael Cups cut logs." [This is in present-day Wilkes and Lincoln County, Georgia.] Crown Grant, Original Georgia Papers.

During 1774, William Duke, received a Headright and Bounty Grant of 300 acres in St. Mary's Parish. Grant Book M, p. 300.

"William Duke of Georgia to George McIntosh of St. Andrew's Parish. Deed dated July 25, 1775 conveying 300 acres in St. Mary's Parish, bounded N.E. by lands of grantee, N.W. by John McLean, and other sides vacant; granted grantor Sept. 6, 1774. Witnesses: Alexander McDonald, James McLeod. Probated by McDonald before Robert Baillie, J.P., St. Andrew's Parish." Georgia Colonial Deed Book CC, p. 720.

Elias Warren received a Bounty Survey of 287-1/2 acres in Liberty County, bounded on East by David Duke, other sides vacant, survey 717. July 22, 1785, p. 345. "Roster of the Revolution", p. 300.

Samuel Segar received a Bounty Grant of 287-1/2 acres in Burke County, bounded on North by Elizabeth Tanner, on East by Duke & vacant, South vacant, W. Ward & Kennedy, survey 1,260. June 9, 1786, p. 626. "Roster of the Revolution", p. 301.

"Henry Sweeney of East Florida to John Duke of Camden County, deed dated Sept. 17, 1788, conveying 200 acres on north side of Great Satilla River on White Oak Creek." Camden County Deed Book A, p. 30.

"Alexander Young, Tax Collector Camden Co., to Thomas Norris of Camden County., tax-deed dated Oct. 27, 1793, conveying 42 acres the property of John Dukes of South Carolina and surveyed for him (Dukes) as headright, Oct. 11, 1788." Camden County Deed Book B, p. 50.

Bulloch County, GA. Sep 7, 1830. Jesse Dukes to Peter Strickland, Bryan County. $50.00. L.L.# 49, 4th L.D., Carroll County, 202-1/2 acres. Wit: David STRICKLAND, Rebecca Newman. Carroll County, GA Deed Book A, p. 383

Carroll County, GA. Sep 19, 1849. Michael Goodson to Green S. Duke. $600.00. L.L.# 16, 5th L. D. Carroll County, 202-1/2 acres. Attest: Dennison B. Palmer, Joseph C. Williams, J.P. Carroll County, GA Deed Book G, p. 448

Chatham County, GA. Apr 7, 1835. Mitchell T. Duke, Chatham County to Hiram Roberts of said county. $25.00. L.L# 88, 11th L. D. Carroll County. Drawn by Mitchell T. Duke residing in Jefferson County at the time. Attest: Wm. W. Foster, Jas. Fleland, J.P. Rec. Sep 11, 1854. Carroll County, GA Deed Book G, p. 536

Chatham County, GA. Dec 15 1847. Ann Dukes formerly Ann Haymans, Bryan County to Joseph G. Blance, Paulding County. $50.00. L. L.# 165, 11th L. D. Carroll County. 202-1/2 acres drawn by Ann Haymans, Widow. Attest: Patrick Lanier, James M. Butler, Oath of Witness: Dec 25, 1847. Jno. J. Maxwell, J.P. Recorded Feb 1, 1849. Carroll County, GA Deed Book F, p. 200

My notes [JL]:

Jesse Dukes married Miss Elizabeth Strickland Oct 19 1825 in Bulloch County.

Green Stephen Duke was the son of Moses Stephen Duke of Harris County, GA and the grandson of Stephen Duke of Upson County, GA.

Mitchell Thomas Duke was the son of Green Robert Duke of Chatham County, GA. He married Acksey Robbins in Chatham County on May 5, 1822.

Union Primitive Baptist Church, Goggans, Georgia - Monroe County

John E. Duke joined by Baptism & Experience in Sep 1839.
Mary Duke joined by Baptism & Experience in Sep 1839
Minty, property of Green Duke, joined by Letter 1849
Wm. G. Duke joined by Baptism & Experience July 28, 1855
Wellington Duke joined by Baptism & Experience Sep 26 1857
Martha Jane Darden joined by Baptism & Experience Aug 25, 1855
Elizabeth Duke joined by Baptism & Experience Aug 22, 1857
Eletha Duke joined by Baptism & Experience Oct 25, 1857
Sarah Elizabeth Duke joined by Baptism & Experience June 22, 1861

"Ordered that Green Duke, an orphan be bound unto Henry Collier until he arrives to the age of twenty one years for the purpose of learning the Taylor trade." Hancock County, GA, Inferior Court Minutes, June 4, 1811

1850 Census Pike County, GA, Dist 68:
William G. Duke 30 Farmer GA H/H# 800
Elizabeth A. C. 21 GA
Nancy S. 5 GA
Joseph W. 3 GA

John E. Duke 32 Farmer SC H/H# 801
Mary 30 SC
Letha A. 13 GA
Thomas B. 11 GA
John G. 9 GA
Mary E. 7 GA
Nancy J. 5 GA
Hibernia A. 3 GA

May 21, 1821. Lettish Duke, widow of Clarke County to Henry Duke. " consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and doth bear toward my son Henry Duke of the said county and state aforesaid..." Power of Attorney to sell L.L.# 146, 11th L. D. Lettish (X) Duke. Wit: Stephen Treadwell, Harris F. Treadwell. Proved before T. C. Woods in Walton County, GA, Feb 16, 1822 by Stephen Treadwell. Habersham County, GA Deed Book O, p. 206

Jan 7, 1837. Henry Duke to Jonathan McIntire. Georgia Jackson County. $50.00 L.L# 146, 11th L.D. Test: John Kirkland, Barley Chandler. Habersham County, GA Deed Book O, p. 207

GA Marriages

Marriage Book b, p. 291 Habersham County, GA:

P. W. Duke to Emily Kennedy Apr 18 1869

Oglethorpe County Marriage Records:

Robert Duke = Betsey Casell 3-20-1811
Elizabeth Duke = Henry English 08-24-1822
James Dukes = Elizabeth Martin 03-03-1794

Miscellaneous GA Deed Conveyances

Feb 2, 1803. Thomas Duke, Esq. to Pitt Milner. $2100.00. 280 acres being north end of a tract where said Duke formerly lived on Dry Fork of Long Creek. Seal: Thomas Duke, Elizabeth Duke. Wit: Stimson Hale, Saml Tate. Oglethorpe County, GA Deed Book D, p. 378

Feb 11, 1809. Thomas Duke Senr & Nancy his wife of Morgan County to Ferdinand Phinizy. $6200.00. 1140 acres on Long Creek, Buffalo Creek & Indian Creek. Seal: Thos Duke, Nancy Duke. Wit: Thomas Burdell, Jas Jordan, Welcom Parks, Bird Parks. Nancy Duke relinquished Right of Dower Apr 19, 1809. Oglethorpe County, GA Deed Book E, p. 450

Mar 16, 1809. Thomas Duke, Sr. & Nancy his wife of Morgan County to Abraham Hill. $200.00. 200 acres.... Wit: Thomas McGehee, J. B. Thomas, ? Lumpkin. Nancy relinquished Right of Dower. Oglethorpe County, GA Deed Book E, p. 427

April 22, 1808. John Warnock, Joseph Price, Abel Price, Rosanna Price & Ransom Duke, heirs & representatives of Joseph Price, Sr., deceased to Moses Stallions. $210.00. 200 acres on Little River. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book C, p. 491

December 27, 1797. Thomas Duke to Josiah Jordan. $500.00. 240 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek. Wit: Payton Parks, Obadiah Owin. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book C, p. 521

Apr 16, 1803. Thomas Duke & Elizabeth Duke of Oglethorpe county to Isham Rainey. $500.00. 850 acres on Troublesome Creek. Wit: George Doggett, Bennett King. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book E, p. 102

Jan 21, 1804. Thomas Duke Sr. to W. T. Morton. $500.00 236 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek...adjoining Henry Duke's lands. Seal: Thomas Duke. Wit: Thomas Duke, Jr., John Lumpkin. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book E, p. 37

Mar 11, 1816. Thomas Duke, Sr. of Morgan County to Thomas Duke, Jr. of Oglethorpe County. $500.00. 100 acres ...on Indian Creek... Seal: Thomas Duke, Senr. Wit: George Meader Sr, George Latimer, Bird Parks. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book J, p. 97

July 27, 1793. William Duke & Winniford his wife of County of Wilkes to William Arnold for 60 pounds...all that tract of land being & lying in said county and on the waters of Long Creek containing two hundred acres more or less bounded Northwestardly by Oliver's land, Southwestardly by Thomas Arnold's, Southeastwardly by William Duke and Thomas Duke and on the other side by Coxes land.... Seal: William Duke, Winniford (X) Duke. Wit: J. Burton, Joel Terrell. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book A

Mar 12, 1802. Thomas Duke and Betsey his wife to George Doggite. $1000.00. ...all that tract or parcel of land in the county & state aforesaid lying on the Buffalo fork of Long Creek...109 acres more or less.... Seal: Thos. Duke, Elizabeth Duke. Wit: ? Taylor or Traylor, James Duke, Bird Parks. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book H, p. 194

James Duke to Thomas Duke. $100.00. 450 acres on Waters of Buffalo Creek. Seal: James Duke. Wit: Henry Duke, Abram Eason. Recorded Sep 24, 1803. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book E, p. 371.

Sep 7, 1802. Thomas Duke Senr. & Elizabeth his wife to Samuel Tait. $300.00...all that tract or parcel of land...150 acres...on waters of Buffalow Creek, a branch of Long Creek bounded by lands of Thomas Morgan, Lumpkin, George Thrush & said Tait being a part of a tract of 450 acres granted to James Duke...November 25, 1801.. Wit: Geoge Thrash, Thomas Morgan. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book H, p. 197

Jan 16, 1818. The heirs & representatives of William Morgan of Morgan County to Elizabeth Hale. $200.00. 200 acres adjoining Clarke county line. Seal: Saml Hay, Robert Morgan, Hardy Morgan, Duncan Comick, John Comick, Jesse Morgan, Ritter Morgan, Thomas Duke. Wit: James Hale, Nancy Hale, Harwood Goodeyear. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book J, p. 9

Mar 11, 1816. Thomas Duke, Sr. of Morgan County to Thomas Duke, Jr. of Oglethorpe County. $100.00. 4-1/2 acres on Indian Creek. Seal: Thomas Duke, Senr. Wit: George Meader, George Latimer, Bird Parks. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book J, p. 94

May 14, 1822. Thomas Duke of Morgan County to William Echols. $500.00. 400 acres ...bordered by lands formerly owned by James Duke. Seal: Thomas Duke. Wit: Thomas Farer, Wm ? Carlisle. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book K, p. 279

Nathaniel H. Smith & Thomas Duke of Oglethorpe County & Harrison Smith of Pike County to John Baughn. $1025.00. 220 acres...being a part of estate of Isham smith, dec'd which fell to us as legatees.... Seal: Nathaniel H. Smith, Thomas Duke, Harrison Smith. wit: Bird Parks, George Doggett. Oglethorpe County GA Deed Book L, p. 376

Tavern license be renewed to Thomas Duke, Esq. to keep a public house of entertainment at his own house. Oglethorpe County GA Inferior Court Minutes, 1794-1808, p. 223

Thomas Duke, surviving co-partner of Firm of Francis Gordon & Angus Bethune Oglethorpe County GA Superior Court Minutes, 1809-1810, p. 63

Nov 20, 1797. Charles Duke & Dolly his wife of Wilkes County to Francis Gideon. $200.00. 178 acres on Rocky Fork of Fishing Creek. Seal: Charles Duke, Dolly Duke. Wit: Wm Low, Thomas Duke, Phillip Zimmerman. Wilkes County GA Deed Book PP, p. 227

June 13, 1797. Taylor Duke of Wilkes to John Boulton of Wilkes. $3.25. Five acres. Seal: Taylor(X) Duke. Wit: Obadiah Wynne, James Leavens, Jacob Hammon. Wilkes County GA Deed Book RR, p. 303

June 13, 1797. Indenture. Taylor Duke of Wilkes to John Bolton of Wilkes. $110.00. 40 acres on Fishing Creek. Seal: Taylor (T) Duke. Wit: Obadiah Wynne, James Leavens, Jacob Hammon.   Wilkes County, GA Deed Book RR, p. 353

May 6, 1797. Taylor Duke of Wilkes to Obadiah Wynne of Wilkes. 230 acres. Seal: Taylor (T) Duke, Sarah (+) Duke. Wit: Thomas Wynne, Shelton Edison.  Wilkes County, GA Deed Book RR, p. 35

Thomas Duke & wife Elizabeth of Oglethorpe County to Ichabod Reeves. 60 pounds sterling. 200 acres on Dry Fork Creek. Seal: Th.s Duke, Elizabeth Duke. Wit: Avery Reeves, Henry Duke.  Wilkes County GA Deed Book RR, p. 258  

Mar 9, 1790. Joel Duke of Burke County to John Cole of Wilkes County. 150 pounds. 200 acres situated on waters of Little River. Seal: Joel (X) Duke. Wit: Abalom Bedell.  Wilkes County, GA Deed Book GG, p. 52

December 3, 1788. Taylor Duke of Wilkes to Bedford Brown of Wilkes. 100 pounds. 350 acres situated on waters of Fishing Creek. Seal: Taylor (T) Duke. Wit: H. Caldwell, David Hillhouse. Wilkes County, GA Deed Book GG, p. 9

Oct 1, 1790. Matthew Ledbetter of Wilkes to William Duke of Wilkes. 40 pounds. 200 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek bounded southwardly by Thomas Arnolds, southeastwardly by William Dukes and Thomas Dukes. Seal: Matthew (X) Ledbetter. Wit: James Rutledge, Edmon (X) Duke, Wm. Hammett, J.P. Wilkes County, GA Deed Book H, p. 276

Apr 10, 1824. James M. Luker of Wilkes in consideration of the good will which I do have & bear to Charles Coatsworth Duke, son of Aristotle Duke...conveys sorrel colt, 3 years old...  Wilkes County, GA Deed Book HHH, p. 265

Carlton Welborn of Houston county to Keziah Dukes of Wilkes. $250.00. 265 acres situated on Camp Creek. Seal: Carlton Williams. Wit: Joseph Duprey, Bruton Birch.   Wilkes County, GA Deed Book LLL, p. 471

Keziah Dukes of Wilkes to Allen Holliday of Wilkes County. $250.00. 245 acres on Kemps Creek less a reserve of 1/4 acre as a graveyard near residence of Joseph Hartselle.  Wilkes County, GA Deed Book MMM, p. 362

Dec 31, 1847. Will of John Duke of Harris County, GA. Apparently Drawn in Talbot County, GA. Advanced Age. Wife, Elizabeth Duke; daughter, Mary Duke; son, Julius Cesar Duke; daughter, Sarah Stubbs, wife of William Stubbs; son, Hamilton Duke. Appoint Francis Marion Stubbs of County of [unreadable] of State of Alabama as Executor. Co-executors: James M. Walker, William B. Marshall.  Harris County GA Probate Records

Apr 16, 1835. Edmund Duke, Adm. of John S. Duke, decd to Samuel Stovall & Willie A. B. Moregham. Land lot 35 in 5th Land District in Carroll County. Attest: Thomas Duke, R. Ship..?  Carroll County GA Deed Book B, p. 440

Seaborn Duke, born Mar 8, 1808; died Feb 21, 1881. Local Preacher, elected Elder 1867; elected Deacon 1869.  History of North Georgia Methodist Conference

William Duke, Tax Collector Harris County - 1834-1835  Georgia Archives, Misc. Records

Apr 13, 1830. Elizabeth Duke (husband absent of county & state) to Baily C. Duke of Talbot County. $350.00. 202-1/2 acres in Land Lot 202 in 23rd Land District. Seal: Elizabeth Duke. Test: Seaborn J. Clark, Seaborn DukeCampbell County, GA Deed Book A&B

Dec 14 1832. William Fleming to Hamilton Duke. $310.00. 45 acres more or less in south half of the northern part of L. L. 166 in 23rd Land District. Seal: william Fleming. Test: John B. Davis, C. A. Wynn, J. P.  Talbot County GA Deed Book B2

Dec 27, 1797. Thomas Duke of Oglethorpe to Jeremiah Reeves of Wilkes. $50.00. 60 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek. Seal: Thomas Duke. Wit: John Coleman, Ichabod Reeves.  Wilkes County GA Deed Book RR, p. 250

Dec 27, 1797. Thomas Duke of Oglethorpe to Josiah Jordan of Oglethorpe. $500. 200 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek. Seal: Thomas Duke. Wit: Regton [Peyton?] Parks, Obediah Owen.  Wilkes County GA Deed Book XX, p. 3

July 15, 1793. Petition of Inhabitants of Effingham County, GA to Edward Telfair, Governor of Georgia. Israel Leimberger, John Dukes and others.   Georgia Archives, Misc. Papers

South Carolina Land Grants:

Edmund Duke: Craven County 1775, 96 District 1785

Wilkes County GA Land Lottery List: [Found in Judge of Probate's Office]

Capt. John M. Cooper's Dist
Charles Duke, son of Taylor 2 drawn
Dolly Duke, widow 1 drawn
orphans of Charles Duke, Fishing Creek 1 drawn
Nancy Duke, daughter of Taylor 1 drawn
Henry Duke 2 drawn

1833. Estate of Beverly A. Duke by Wm. Stroud, Adm. Edington Duke, security. Wm. A. Duke (legacy), Macy Duke (legacy), Edington Duke, (her) land in Meriwether County.  
Clarke County GA Estate Records

Newton County GA Poor School Lists:

Parent Male Female
Syntha Duke Charles Mary Anne July 4, 1846
H. H. Duke

Conyers Academy 1863

Marcus Duke Robt. T. Duke Julia F. Duke

Matilda C. Duke

Smyrna School 1841

Lucinda Duke, widow one male 3 females, one named - Mary Ann

Name Index, Georgia Archives:

Bailey C. Duke Member of House of Representatives from Talbot County, 1837
Capt., Newton County Militia: Mar 13, 1822 - Aug 12, 1824
Coatsworth Duke Lt. Wilkes County Militia: May 26, 1820 - Oct 11, 1823

Mar 27, 1795. Charles Duke, Thomas Duke, Henry Duke & Jeremiah Russell, the heirs & Representatives of Henry Duke formerly of the county of Lincoln to Stephen Harnesburger for 500 pounds sterling...all that tract or parcel of land lying & being in the county of Wilkes on the waters of Soap & Fishing Creek.... Seal: Charles Duke, Thomas Duke. Wit: Thomas Murray, Wm Son, Wm Stokes.  
Lincoln County GA Deed Book A, p. 16

April 15, 1795. Nathaniel Coats, Sheriff of Wilkes County to Stephen virtue of a writ of fiera facias...on a judgement at the suit of the heirs & representatives of Henry Duke deceased against Thomas Winkfield...levy made by said Sheriff on 300 acres of land on Soap Creek.  Lincoln County Deed Book A, p. 4

Nathaniel Coats, Sheriff of Wilkes County to Charles Duke of Wilkes. Writ of fiere facias on a judgement on a suit by heirs & representatives of Henry Duke, deceased against Thomas Winkfield. 100 acres on waters of Soap off by sheriff & Charles Duke became purchaser for 25 pounds....   Lincoln County Deed Book A, p. 45

October 21, 1797. Charles Duke of Wilkes and Dolly Duke, his wife to Richard Benson of Wilkes. $120.00. 100 acres on Soap & Fishing Creek in Lincoln County. Seal: Charles Duke, Dolly Duke. Wit: Thomas Duke, Phillip Zimmerman.  Lincoln County Deed Book A, p. 46

Feb 28, 1834. Baily C. Duke to Benjamin Smith. $265.00. East 1/2 L.L.# 9, 24th Land District. Seal : B. C. Duke. Test: Wm Brooks, Daniel P. Swindell.  Talbot County, GA Deed Book C&D

Bailey C. Duke to Daniel P. Swindell. $600. 236 acres Lot 8 & 9 in the 24th Land District. Test: Wm. Brooks, Benjamin (X) Smith.  Talbot County, GA Deed Book C&D

Feb 12, 1834. Bailey C. Duke to John Solomon. $125.00. L.L.# 163 in the 24th Land District. Seal: Bailey C. Duke. Test: James B. Horton, Richard A. Hall.  Talbot County GA Deed Book C&D

Dec 14, 1836. Bailey C. Duke to Thomas G. Duke, both of Talbot. $200.00. 160 acres Lot 211, 12th District, 3rd Section, now Murray County. Seal: Bailey C. Duke. Test: Daniel Sanders, Benjamin Manes.  Talbot County GA Deed Book D

George W. King of Baldwin County to David Duke of Meriwether. $200.00. 202-1/2 acres Lot ? in 4th Land District. Seal: Geo. W. King. Wit: John Smith, Henry H. Mangham, J.P.  Harris County, GA Deed Book A, p. 552

Nov 28, 1835. Wiley White to James H. Duke, both of Harris County. $600.00. 202-1/2 acres L. L.# 138 in 4th Land District. Seal: Wiley White. Wit: Edmund Duke, L. T. Cooper, J.P.  Harris County Deed Book C, p. 119

Green S. Duke - Lot 67, 19th District, Land north of Mulberry River.

David Duke, to Wm. Armstrong. $200.00. Land lot # 2 in 4th District. Seal: David Duke. Wit: Marthin Cochran, Elijah Laurence.  Harris County Deed Book A, p. 680

Oct 29, 1873. W. P. Duke to W. A. Duke. North Half of lot 103 and 30 acres in S.E. corner of Lot 122 in 21st Land District. Seal: W. P. Duke. Wit: James D. Hale, Chas. Bedell, N.P. & Ex. Off. J.P.  Harris County Deed Book I, p. 178

May 20, 1874. W. A. Duke to E. N. Duke. North 1/2 of Land Lot 103 and 30 acres in S. E. Corner of Land Lot 122 in 21st Land District. Seal: W. A. Duke. Wit: B. N. Walton, A. F. Truett, C.S.O.  Harris County Deed Book M, p. 286

Jan 16, 1839. Thomas F. Matthews of Meriwether, Exec. of Estate of Thomas Matthews, deceased to Bedford B. Duke of Meriwether. $1105.00. 202-1/2 acres in L. L. 184 in the 11th Land District. [Rest of Page Missing] Meriwether County GA Deed Book G, p. 59

Sanders Duke witnessed Deed of Moses Jackson to Charles L. Dupree.  Meriwether County GA Deed Book G, p. 58

Nov 18, 1839. Simpson A. Montgomery to Bedford B. Duke. $850.00. L.L.# 200 in 11th Land District. Seal: Simpson A. Montgomery. Wit: Benjamin F. Roberts, Thomas Roberts, J.P. [He could be named for Bedford Brown of Wilkes County] Meriwether County GA Deed Book G, p. 219

Jan 24, 1840. Bedford B. Duke to David Duke, both of Meriwether. $750.00. L. L. # 200 in 11th Land District. Seal: Bedford B. Duke. Wit: David W. Duke, W. T. Wortham.  Meriwether County GA Deed Book G, p. 220

July 1, 1871. Daniel Poe of Meriwether to John E. Duke & B. F. Willis of Spalding County. $553.47. 75 acres in L.L.# 132 and 25 acres in L.L# 125 in 9th Land District. Seal: Daniel Poe. Wit: John D. Poe, G. R. Wheelis. [John E. Duke was a son of Green Duke of Pike County and grandson of Stephen Duke who died testate in Upson County, GA in 1844. This John E. Duke was the one who entered a caveat against admitting Stephen Duke's Will to Probate]  Meriwether County GA Deed Book B, p. 507

Jan Term, 1861. Harry L. Duke, minor child of Pinckney C. Duke. Pinckney C. Duke made guardian.  Meriwether County GA Court of Ordinary Minute Book 4, p. 55

Ruth S. Thornton also made security for guardianship of Harry L. Duke.  Meriwether County GA Court of Ordinary Bond Book B, p. 225

Private P. C. Duke; Co. K, 55th Ga Reg. , C.S.A. died Richmond, KY Oct 1862.

Dec 20, 1838. Malinda Dukes to G. F. McCrary, both of Talbot. $100.00. 202-1/2 acres in L.L.# 42 in 14th Land District. Seal: Malinda (X) Dukes. Wit: Henry Bell, Phillip (X) Chiver?. [probably now in Taylor County, GA] Talbot County GA Deed Book E, p. 324

Dec 3, 1839. Bailey C. Duke of Barbour County, AL to James O. Smith of Talbot. $500.00. 202-1/2 acres in L.L# 233 in 23rd Land District. Seal: Bailey C. Duke. Wit: Peter Campbell, John C. Boynton. Talbot County Deed Book H, p. 102

Bailey C. Duke, Justice of Inferior Court of Talbot County - Feb 3, 1834.

Jan 7, 1856. Jane M. Duke received a share of the Estate of Elizabeth Snelling from the Administrator, Zechariah Proctor. Elizabeth's husband was William Snelling.  Talbot County Deed Book K, p. 78

Mar 8, 1873. Darling Duke & J. M. Duke. Mortgage mentions plantation in Marion County, GA. [Darling Duke was from Camden District, SC]  Talbot County GA Deed Book M, p. 114

June 5, 1810. Hansell Dukes - Tattnall county Jury List. [He is found in Newspaper Legals concerning Burke County, GA]  Tattnall County GA Minute Book

J. W. Duke - Oct 18, 1864 - Co. I; 39th GA, C.S.A Rose Hill Cemetery - Macon, GA

Levy Glass of Laurance {Laurens] County to William Duke of Walton County. $100.00. Lot# 158 in 1st Land District. Seal: Levy Glass. Wit: William Fannin, Wiley J. Starling.  Newton County, GA Deed Book A, p. 186

Nov 15, 1822. William Duke to John Winfrey, both of Walton County. $120.00. 102-1/4 acres of L. L.# 104 in 10th Land District. Ibid, p. 218

1822. William Duke of Walton to John Moss of Newton. $450.00. L.L.# 158 in 1st Land District. Seal: William Duke. Wit: Thomas Dacus, C. J. Carter, J.P. Ibid, p. 408

Sep 29, 1832. Indenture. Ferdinand Duke to Josiah Brown, both of Newton. $150.00. 100 acres of L.L.# 113 in 11th Land District. Seal: Ferdinand Duke. Wit: James J. Rowel, Gipson Duke.  Newton County GA Deed Book D, p. 607

Dec. 18, 1833. David Evans of Newton to Thomas M. Duke of Putnam. $280.00. 215-1/4 acres adjoining J. T. Duke in 19th Land District originally Baldwin now Newton County. Seal: David Evans. Wit: Thomas Hodnett, Thomas J. H...., David Evans, Junr.  Ibid, p. 611

Jan 4, 1832. Thomas Hodnett to John T. Duke, both of Newton. $200.00. L.L# 238 in 19th District. Seal: Thomas Hodnett. Wit: James Howard. Garling ?, J. P.  Ibid, p. 612

"Georgia Journal":

Sat., July 4, 1829. Levy on property of Charles C. P. Duke. [Charles Coatsworth Pinckney Duke]

May 2, 1829. Levy on Property of John P. Duke. 355 acres 20th district on Sandy Creek where John P. Duke, Edmond Duke & others live.

June 15, 1829. Edmond Duke & David Duke apply for Letters of Administration on Estate of John P. Duke, late of Morgan County.

Dec 25, 1832. Robert G. Duke of Morgan County married Miss Martha Douglas formerly of Thomaston, Upson County - at home of Major Francis Douglas in Butts county.

Ordered that the Administrators of Henry Duke, dec'd are authorized to pay Frances Duke at the rate of twenty dollars per annum for the support of each orphan until their guardians are appointed.  Newton County GA Court of Ordinary Book 1828-1838, p. 67

Martin Kolb discharged from securityship on bond of guardianship for James B. Zachary & Charles Duke guardians for the orphans of Henry Duke, dec'd. New bond - John Martin & Matthew Smith.  Ibid, p. 75

Ordered that the guardians of the minor heirs of Henry Duke, dec'd be authorized to pay to Frances Duke thirty dollars for each of the said minors.  Ibid, p. 77

On motion it is ordered that Charles Duke, James B. Zachary be appointed guardian of Seaborn Duke, Elizabeth Duke, Martha Duke, James Duke, Mary Duke & Lucy Duke, orphans of Henry Duke, dec'd.  Ibid, p. 59

Division of Slaves from Estate of Henry Duke, dec'd:  Mary Duke, Elizabeth Duke, Seaborn Duke, Gipson Duke, Ferdinan Duke, Frances Duke, James J. Duke, Martha Duke, Baley C. Duke, Lucy Duke.  Newton County GA Court of Ordinary Journal 2, 1826-1837, p. 103

Aug 4, 1823. Cary Moore vs Thomas Duke, Fi Fa.  Newton County GA Inferior Court Minutes, 1822-1827, p. 24:

Archibald C. Bilbo & Henry Duke, adm. of Elijah Burgess vs John Johnson. Also vs William Robinson.  Ibid, p. 27

July 11, 1825. James Haygood, bearer vs Simion Duke. Case find for plantiff. $90.00.  Ibid, p. 106

Nov 19, 1838. Ordered that a return made by James B. Zachary guardian of the minors of Charles Duke be received and admitted to record. Also Jan 5, 1839.  Newton County GA Inferior Court Minute Book, 1838-1851, p. 10

May 13, 1829. Robert Pearman - Writ against Samuel Duke..Pearman bought property at public sale...sold to James Duke.  Troup County GA Deed Book A, p. 386

Jan 29, 1835. Edmund Duke to Levi Geer, both of Troup. $500.00. Lot 221 in 12th Land District. Seal: Edmund Duke. Wit: Henry Perkins, ?, J.P.  Troup County GA Deed Book D, p. 271

July 22, 1834. John M. Duke to Trustees Methodist Episcopal Church [one was Thos. Duke]. 3 acres L.L.# 248 in 12th Land District. [John M. Duke was a Primitive Baptist Minister and son of Jesse Duke from Camden District, SC] Ibid, p. 69

[Note: There are many more Duke Deeds there in Troup Co. I did not have time to extract any more.]

1800 Census Oglethorpe County, GA [Only extant 1800 GA County Census]

James Duke, 4 males 0-10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 26-45, 5 slaves
Henry Duke, 1 male 0-10, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 16-26, 3 slaves

School at Naylor - Teacher: Thos. Dukes of Echols County. [son of William Green Duke & Elizabeth Angeline Cole]
 Valdosta Times Nov. 14, 1891

Mar 8, 1837. Bartholomew Turner of Chambers County AL to Thomas A. Duke of Newton County. $145.00. 101-1/4 acres being East half of L.L# 135 in 10th Land District.  Newton County GA Deed Book F, p. 52

Dec 29 1838. Indenture. Samuel Whitehead to Thomas M. Duke, both of Newton. $300.00. 100 acres in 1st District.  Ibid, p. 365

Oct 4, 1848. Joseph McCollum to Jesse H. Duke, both of Newton. $300.00. 90 acres in the North part of L.L.# 208 in 11th Land District. Seal: Joseph McCollum. Wit: Alex Johnson, David T. White, J.P. Newton County GA Deed Book I, p. 295:

Oct 5, 1846. Thomas A. Duke to Fields P. Evans, both of Newton. $400.00. East half of L.L.# 135 in 10th Land District. Seal: Thos. A. Duke. Wit: Cary Woods, John Loyall, J.P. Ibid, p. 464:

Aug 1, 1849. Joseph Goode to Jesse H. Duke of Newton. $300.00. 65 acres in South side of L.L# 208 in 11th District adjoining Ferdinand Duke. Seal: Joseph Goods. Wit: David H. Zachary, David T. white, J.P. Ibid, p. 469:

Apr 3, 1849. John T. Duke to Thomas M. Duke, both of Newton. Love & affection & $10.00. 202-1/2 acres of L.L# 238 in 19th Land District. Seal: Jno. T. Duke. Wit: Felix Hardman, Bertrand Zachary, J.P. Ibid, p. 521:

Sep 3, 1859. Jesse H. Duke to W. T. C. Chafin, both of Newton. 55 acres in L.L# 276 of 16th Land District. Seal: Jesse H. Duke. Wit: S. H. Dean, Joseph H. Almand, ?. Newton County GA Deed Book N, p. 109:

Dec 24, 1865. Indenture. W. P. Davis, Adm. of Estate of Ann Webb, late to Amanda P. Duke, wife of T. M. Duke. Note paid - conveys 50' X 60' lot in the village of Newborn...stone house now occupied by J. R. Duke. Newton County GA Deed Book S, p. 367:

Mary J. Duke to Amanda F. Duke, both of Newton. 54 acres bounded on North by lands of Mary J. Duke, bounded on West by lands of Thomas M. Duke. Ibid, p. 29:

Heard County GA Indigent Soldiers Pension Roll:

W. W. Duke, Co. K , 34th GA - Discharged Mat 1865, died May 1912.

1880 Census Heard County, GA:

Sanders G. Duke 44 M Farmer GA GA GA
Mary Lewis 33 F Wife
Robert F. 11 M Son
John Rufus 10 M Son
Drura T 6 M Son
Della F 4 F Dau

Charles B. Duke 49 M Farmer GA GA GA
Victory L. 33 F Wife
Virginia B. 19 F Dau
Sarah E 16 F Dau
Benjamin 12 M Son
Verona 5 F Dau
Lucy 1 F Dau

James R. Duke 26 M Farmer Ga -- --
Luisa 27 F Wife
James A. 2 M Son

[Heard County is a burned county]


Sheriff's Sale - Wilkes County. 200 acres joining Robert Wells, where ________ Hanceberger now lives; taken as the property of the heirs of Henry Duke, deceased. Augusta "Chronicle" - Jan 17, 1795:

Battle with Indians at Camp Defiance located 48 miles west of Chattahoochee. Simon Duke, soldier in Cap't Henry's Co. -- wounded severely. Ibid, Jan 27, 1814:

Cass County, Ga: Cass Cemetery -

Joseph R. Dukes Elizabeth Jordan Dukes: July 4, 1809 Apr 8, 1834, Oct 7, 1859 Dec 10, 1862

Atlanta Grays - Co. L 1st Ga Regiment, CSA:

Pvt. John Duke, age 22, born Campbell Co. GA enlisted Atlanta GA. Roster dated April 12, 1861.

Will of Stephen Duke

State of Georgia ) In the name of God, Amen
Upson County ) I Stephen Duke of the County of Upson of State of Georgia, in view of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament. Chiefly, I commend my soul to the mercy of Him who gave it & my body to the earth in decent burial; and my worldly substance I make the following disposition.

Item - My will & desire is that all my property of every kind, consisting chiefly in ten Negroes, the settlement on land whereon I now reside about two hundred & fifty & one half acres, two horses, Gray mare, black mare mule, my stock of cattle, hogs & sheep, my present crop & my household & kitchen furniture with some few debts should be sold on a credit of twelve months by my executor, he requiring good and sufficient security.

Item - After my Estate is reduced to money I will all my just debts paid.

Item - When my just debts are all paid I wish the balance of the proceeds of the sale of my property divided into five equal parts; One fifth I hereby give to my wife Sarah Duke; one fifth I give to the children of Joseph Duke of the County of Upson; One fifth I give to the children of Moses Duke of the County of Harris; One fifth I give to the children of Delila Hickman of the County of Upson and the other one fifth I give to the children now living of Anna & John Cannifax, the said Anna being dead & the said John residing in the State of Alabama.

Item - I hereby give all & singular all the rights, titles, & interests that I may have in & to any & every other species of property not herein named to the said Sarah Duke, the children of the said.Joseph Duke, the children of the said Moses Duke, the children of said Delila Hickman & the children of said Anna & John Cannifax, & to be divided in the same way as my other property.

Item - I have already given to my four children Joel Duke & Thomas Duke, who I understand lives in Alabama, and Green Duke & Peggy Duke of the State of Georgia, as much as I wish then to have of my property.

Item - I hereby nominate & appoint James Anderson, Sarah Duke and Obadiah C. Gibson Executors of this my last Will & Testament.

In testimony whereof I the said Stephen Duke have hereunto set my hand & seal this 15th day of October 1844. Signed sealed & published in presence of us, we signing in the presence of each other & the testator as witnesses.

James W. Hightower Stephen Duke (LS}
Thomas Anderson Recorded this 4 March 1845
John W. Boyton
Wm. A. Cobb, C1k

"See over"

We the Special Jury find against the Caveator & in favor of the Will of Stephen Duke and that it be admitted to record in the Court of Ordinary of Upson County. Feby 11th 1845. James Speir foreman.

Whereupon it is considered & adjudged by the Court that the Will of Stephen Duke be admitted to Record that in the Court of Ordinary of Upson County, And that the and that the Executors James Anderson & Obadiah C. Gibson do recover of the Caveator John E. Duke ----- for the costs of suit in this behalf laid out & expended & the Caveator in Mercy fe - Feby 15th 1845 Recorded this 4 March 1845 Gibson & Cary Wm. A. Cobb, Clk. Attys for Executors.

Will of Nancy McKee

State of Georgia
Monroe County In the name of God Amen.

I, Nancy McKee of the County and State aforesaid being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly die, and being of sound mind do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

Item 1st. I will my body to the dust in decent burial, and My soul to God who gave it.

2nd. I give and bequeath to my beloved nephew James M. Hawze the sum of two hundred dollars.

3 Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved Brother Green Duke the sum of two hundred dollars.

4 Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved Nephew John E. Duke the sum of two hundred dollars.

5 Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved Nephew William G. Duke the sum of two hundred dollars.

6th Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved Nephew Thomas D. Duke the sum of one hundred dollars.

7th item. I give and bequeath to my Niece Elizabeth Bloodworth, my Niece Nancy Amanda Burt and my Nephew Wellington Duke all the remainder of goods; after the payment of the above legacies named in the second Item, and in the third Item, the fourth Item, the fifth Item, and the 6th Item, all the property I have where ever or of whatever. I will it to be equally divided between Elizabeth Bloodworth, Nancy Amanda Burt and Wellington Duke.

Signed Sealed & declared by Nancy McKee to be her last will and testament this 18th of September in the year of our Lord l848 in our presence by the testator and we have signed the sale in her presence and at her request and in the presence of each other. Andrs. Burt John H. [his + mark] Dumas Nancy [her + mark] McKee

Item 8th. I hereby constitute and appoint my Nephew John E. Duke Executor of this my last will and testament this 18th of September in the year of our Lord 1848.

Signed in the presence of us by the testator and we have signed the same in her presence and in the presence of each other. Andrs. Burt John H. [his + mark] Dumas Nancy [her + mark] McKee (LS)

Monroe County Personally came in open Court Anderson Burt who being duly Sworn deposeth & saith he saw Nancy McKee sign, seal, publish and declare this writing for her last will I & testament that he in the presence of the testatrix & at her request attested said will as a witness & also in the presence of John H. Dumas & that said John H. Dumas in the presence of the testatrix & at her request & in the presence of the deponent attested said will as a witness that said testatrix at the time of the execution of said will was of disposing mind & memory & that she executed the same freely, voluntarily & without compulsion. Sworn to & subscribed in open court. Septr 3, 1849 Andrs Burt

Georgia, Monroe County, Lunacy

To the Honorable the Justices of the Inferior Court of said county sitting for ordinary purposes.  The undersigned a citizen of said county humbly petitions your Honorable Court to appoint him guardian of the person & property of his sister Margaret Duke a Lunatic of said county upon his giving bond and certainty and taking the oath prescribed by law and is in duty bound your petitioner will ever pray i.e.
May 4 1841 Green Duke

Green Duke
applicant for the guardianship of Margaret Duke a Lunatic in the court of Ordinary of Monroe County. And now comes William M. Pope in behalf of Thomas G. Duke and Joel Duke two of only three brothers of the said Margaret Duke and objects to the appointment of the said Green Duke to the guardianship of the said Margaret Duke upon the following grounds: 1st Because the said Green Duke has in his possession a Large amount of property consisting of money & Negroes belonging to the said Margaret Duke which he is unwilling to acknowledge to be hers and to account for & manage the moiety as such. 2nd Because the said Green Duke refuses to give bond and certainty sufficient according to law to cover the property of the said Margaret Duke 3rd Because the said Green Duke for a long time had the control and management of the person & property of the said Margaret Duke & has mismanaged the moiety & converted it to his own use & claims it as his own. Taken these & other grounds herein mentioned the said William M. Pope representative as aforesaid objects to the appointment of the said Green Duke & asks the Court that he the said William M. Pope may be appointed guardian of the person and property of the said Margaret Duke upon his giving bond & security in terms of the law. Service acknowledged of the foregoing rule and copy waived by
J. J. Pincknard
Att pro
D. S. Crawford

Georgia, Monroe County, Commissioners of Lunacy

To William A. Adams, Moses Dumas, Tilman D. Oxford, Anderson Bert, James Swan, Owen J. Willis, Wm. E. Hunt, Thomas Johnston, John Gardner, Wilson Clark, Seaborn J. Thomas & L. W. Burney--Greeting

We the Justices of the Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary purposes upon the petition and affidavit of Thomas G. Duke hereby require you to examine by inspection the person of Peggy Duke of said County and to hear and examine witnesses if necessary as to the State of her mind and to make return to the next Tern of this Court whether or not the said Peggy Duke be a lunatic.


Harriett Duke "CAUTION All persons are hereby cautioned against trading for a certain note of mine, given in the province of East Florida, to WILLIAM FITZPATRICK, agent for LEVENE, JOHN, BETSEY ANN and MARY DUKES, the illegitimate children of GEORGE M. R. HENDERSON and HARRIOTT DUKES, for the amount of seven hundred and twenty-three dollars, twelve and a half cents, bearing date the 26th day of November, 1820, payable two months after the date aforesaid, as I was compelled to assign the aforesaid note, for, and on account of the lawful heirs of the said GEORGE M. R. HENDERSON, and as such, I am determined not to pay the aforesaid note or any part thereof, unless compelled by law. (SIGNED) NANCY M. R. HENDERSON, Tattnall County." Ref: "Southern Recorder", Milledgeville, Georgia.. Tuesday December 26, 1820

Note: Harriett Duke married John E. Elliott on 15 January, 1822 in Tattnall County, Georgia. Ref: Tattnall County Georgia Marriage Records.

"Georgia, Tattnall County. Know all men by these presents, that I HARRIET ELLIOTT of the state and county aforesaid for the love and goodwill and affection which I have and do bear towards MY FOUR CHILDREN namely to wit: LAVINA DUKE, ELIZABETH ANN DUKE, MARY DUKE and CORNELIA C. ELLIOTT. I do freely give and do deed them by these presents, a certain negro man named APRIL which said negro man, I the said HARRIET ELLIOTT do and freely will, give and assign over to said LAVINA, ELIZABETH ANN and MARY DUKE and CORNELIA C. ELLIOTT and their heirs and assigns and moreover will warrant and forever defend the right and title of him the said negro APRIL, to the said LAVINA, ELIZABETH ANN, MARY and CORNELIA C. To have and to hold forever against the lawful claim of all and every other person or persons. In witness whereof I the said HARRIET ELLIOTT hath hereto set her hand and seal 7th day of July 1832. (Seal) HARRIETT ELLIOTT. In presence of ALLEN STRICKLAND, H. STRICKLAND, J.P. Ex. And Recorded 22 Aug 1832. P. H. M. TIPPINS, Clk." Ref: Tattnall County Deed Book ABCD, p. 392.

"Appraisers appointed to make a division between the estate of JOHN DUKE left to the minor heirs of Harriett Elliott and report to this court in terms of the will.' ALBERT DUKE appointed guardian of MARY DUKE and CORNELIA ELLIOTT, $2000.00 bond. (The above was term prior to May 1835). Ref: Tattnall County, Georgia Inferior Court Minutes and Loose Papers.

"Exehebet and management of ARCHABALD HODGES as guardian for Cornelia C. ELLIOTT and MARY DUKE ending 31st January 1839. [Disbursements follow]. Sworn to in open court 2nd March, 1840. Wm H. TIPPINS. (Seal) ARCHABALD HODGES. Ref: Tattnall County, Georgia Inferior Court Minutes and Loose Papers, pp 104-105..

"16 April, 1841. A Return of Archibald HODGES, guardian for Cornelia C. ELLIOTT, (Orphan of John Elliott). Ref: Tattnall County, Georgia Inferior Court Minutes and Loose Papers.

"State of Georgia, Liberty County. This agreement entered into this the 11th day of January in the year eighteen hundred and fifty three between Abraham STRICKLAND, John LONG, and Richard CARTER of the first part and Jackson McDONALD of the other part. Witnesseth, that we the aforesaid STRICKLAND, LONG and CARTER in consideration that the said McDONALD has this day executed to us a good and valid conveyance of all his own or the right of his wife in and to the following slaves derived from the Will of the late John DUKES of Tattnall County to wit: Hannah, Nancy, Caroline, Sam, Major, Rose Ann, Pender, Seley, French and an infant the child of Nancy have this day granted bargained and sold and do by these presents grant bargain and sell unto the said Jackson McDONALD for and during the natural life of his wife Harriet McDONALD and no longer three slaves to wit: Sally, Toby and Cain and the increase of said woman as also we the said LONG, CARTER and STRICKLAND do hereby sell and convey unto the said Jackson McDONALD his heirs and assigns forever a slave named Will to have and to hold Slave Will unto him the said Jackson McDONALD his heirs and assigns forever and we the aforesaid STRICKLAND, LONG and CARTER shall and will forever Warrant and defend said slave Will unto the said Jackson McDONALD his heirs and assigns for the true compensation of which we the said LONG, STRICKLAND and CARTER have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and the year and year first above written. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Wm. B. GAULDEN and James SMYLE. Richard CARTER (Seal) John S. LONG (Seal) Abraham STRICKLAND (SEAL). Exd. And Recorded this 10th Feb. 1854. J. B. SMITH, Clk." Ref: Deed Book DEF, p. 273. Tattnall County, Georgia.

1860 Census Spalding County, GA:

#350- John E. Duke 42 M Farmer SC
Mary 42 F SC
Nancy J. 15 F GA
Hiberney 12 F GA
Wm J. 10 M GA
Elijah 6 M GA
Edmond D. 3 M GA
H. Clay 22 M Laborer GA
Mary E. 16 F GA

#351- John G. Duke 20 M Farmer GA
Nancy S. 21 F GA

#339- Thomas H. Duke 21 M Farmer GA
Sarah E. 19 F GA
Walter S. Thomas 15 M GA

Copy of Sherrer Bond

Know all men by these present that James Sherrer of the county of Wilkes and State of Georgia am held and firmly Bound to pay Charles Duke of Oglethorpe County & state aforesaid the sum of eight hundred dollars to be paid his heirs or offspring , to which ______ I Bind myself my heirs my executor or administrator firmly by these testaments, sealed with my seal and dated this 2d day of September 1808. The condition of the above obligation is such that in the above bond James Shearer shall make the aforesaid Charles Duke his heir or _______ good and sufficient title to a tract of land containing 180 ½ more or less acres being in Wilkes county and on the waters of _______ creek adjoining Steele Welborn Hamilton and Gwnm_________ meeting house, then the obligation to be void or otherwise to remain in full force __________

(signed) John Todd

[The corner of this document is torn and no signature of James is shown.]

Excerpt from the law suit by Charles Duke

Sometime in December eighteen hundred and fifteen the said James Shearer departed this life leaving a will affecting only his personal estate of which will, James Rutledge and William Shearer were thence named as executors; and leaving living (besides your orator and his wife Mary formerly Mary Shearer) Anne Shearer his widow; Eve (otherwise Avis) Steele formerly Eve Shearer the wife of William Steele a person who if now is alive is not within the jurisdictional limits of this state as you know or believe; William Shearer, James Rutledge and wife Susanna formerly Susanna Shearer, John Shearer, Allen Mabry and his wife Nancy formerly Nancy Shearer; and Elijah Shearer which said Mary, Eve, Susanna, and Nancy were married to their present husbands before the decease of the said James Shearer, who as well as the said William, John, & Elijah are the children and who together with the said William Steel (if is alive) & ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ living.

This document filed in Wilkes County Superior Court March 16, 1810 by James Sherrer

Know all men by these present that I, James Sherrer of the state and County _______ for ______ good offices(?) of my dear children and for the affection I bear and the duty I owe to my children, I have for the considerations, also given to my seven children namely to Eavy Steel during(?) her natural life and after her death to the heirs of her body, William Sherer, Polly Duke, John Sherer, Susannah Rutledge, Nancy & Elijah Sherer, five negros, viz (Note: unreadable names) _______ _____ _________ ________ __________ , five hundred and seven acres land in the county ____ on the waters of ______ creek adjoining Thos. Moreman and then two hundred acres in Wilkinson county Fifth(?) District No. 25, also all my stock of horses both(?) hogs _______ together with all the household & kitchen furniture, to them and their heirs forever which property(?) I relinquish all title claim or possession warranting ____ and ________ the property _____ from myself and all and every other person or persons what ever.

In witness where of, I have here _______ _____ _______ my hand and seal this the 3rd day of February eighteen hundred and ten. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of his (Signature) Shelton(?) Wellborn __

James (his X mark) Sherer { seal }

Pike County GA Marriage Records:

Moses S. Duke married Sarah Moore July 22, 1824

Pike County GA Inferior Court Records:

Sep 1823: [1st Grand Jury] Stephen Dukes

"The Weekly News" - Griffin, GA - May 11, 1888:

James T. Duke of Liberty Hill was married last Sunday to Miss Bonnie McCord of High Falls, at Payton Church in Monroe County.

Miss Mary Jane Duke and Mr. James Dearing were married at Liberty Hill on Sunday by Rev. John Mullin.

Spalding County GA Marriages, Book A:

Mary E. Duke to Hezakiah Clay, Sep 2, 1859.
Nancy S. Duke to Jordan E. M. LeSueur, Aug 15, 1861
G. M. Duke to Mary Pruitt, May 20, 1869

Upson County Marriages 1825-1859:

Elizabeth A. Duke to James B. Torbett, Apr 28, 1856

1860 Census Upson County, GA:

Jas. B. Torbet 27 M GA
E. 28 F
M. C. 2 F
S. C. 1 M

John E. Duke
- Minister - New Hope Primitive Baptist Church at Yatesville. History of Upson County by Hannah, p. 333

1850 Census Upson County, GA:

Joseph Duke 50 Farmer SC
Nancy 40 GA
Elizabeth 22

Marriage Records Upson County, GA:

Stephen Duke m. Sarah Brown on Dec 7, 1838. G. P. Cannon, J.P.
Thomas G. Duke m. Martha W. Tomme on May 14, 1835


Thomas G. Duke and the former Louisa Webb, Nov 29, 1825. The Georgia Black Book, Vol II, p. 17


Apr 24, 1810. Georgia, Randolph County. Whereas Joel Duke of the state of South Carolina did on the 8th or 9th day of December 1809, give unto Leavin Moore of the county of Baldwin of this state, a certain note of hand for $600.00 dollars with Stephen Duke of this county and state as security for the we the said Joel & Stephen Duke do forewarn all person or persons from trading for the same. Joel & Stephen Duke "Georgia Journal" (Milledgeville)

1833 Georgia Land Lottery (Fractional Lots)

Residence Name Militia District Lot# Land District County
Jackson Green R. Duke Mitchells 942 2 Cherokee
Morgan John T. Duke Coxes 4 1 Cherokee

1832 Georgia Land Lottery:

Name Comments Militia District County District Section No.
Duke, Bedford Greer's Meriwether 8 4 41
Duke, Charles Sr. Soldier of Indian War Coxes Morgan 13 3 71
Duke, Edwin Minor - Father absent Bracketts Newton 13 4 285
Duke, Ferdinand Bracketts Newton 7 1 104
Duke, Frances Widow 788th Heard 13 4 10
Duke, Frederic 756th Sumter 7 2 242
Duke, Henry M. 294th Jasper 5 2 72
Duke, Jas. Alberson's Walton 25 3 53
Duke, Jas. H. Harralson's Troup 8 1 157
Duke, John Burnett's Lowndes 26 3 70
Duke, John P. Orphans of Coxes Morgan 6 4 63
Duke, John T. Coxes Morgan 13 4 183
Duke, Josiah H. Greer's Meriwether 6 4 29
Duke, Martha Orphan 70th Burke 10 4 201
Duke, Nancy Widow Nights Morgan 7 1 101
Duke, Nancy Widow of Rev. Soldier Night's Morgan 18 1 23
Duke, Reuben Rogers Burke 5 2 6
Duke, T. Orphans of 70th Burke 6 4 124
Duke, T. Orphans of 70th Burke 6 3 72
Duke, Thomas M. Tompkins Putnam 11 4 184
Duke, William Alberson's Walton 23 3 54
Duke, William Soldier Belcher's Jasper 27 3 268
Duke, William Sr. Soldier Parham's Harris 10 3 63
Dukes, Green H. 295th Jasper 28 3 208
Dukes, Matthew C. Groover's Thomas 11 3 219
Dukes, Robert W. 289th Jasper 16 1 147

Pike County, GA Deed Records:
Nov. 23, 1822.  Wm. Duke to Wm. Johnson.  L.L. 26, L. D. 15.  Book A, p. 121.
Jan. 1, 1854.  Wm. G. Duke to Cyrena Wilkerson & children.  202-1/2 acres L. L. 128, L. D. 3.  Book L., p. 429.
Jan. 14, 1860.  Wm. G. Duke to Walton Whattey.  2-1/2 acres [202-1/2 acres?] L. L. 121, L. D. 3.  Book L, p. 458.

1900 Census Echols County, GA:
1211th District
Dukes, Charles S. D.    May 1868    married 10 years
Dukes, Anner                 Apr 1878
Dukes, Buford                Feb 1890
Dukes, Josh                     Feb 1892
Dukes, May Estelle       Jan 1897
Westberry, Robert           Boarder
[Note:  Anna Duke was nee Westberry.  Charles Duke was a son of William Green Duke and Elizabeth Angeline Cole who had moved to Echols County from Pike County about the time of Sherman's march through GA.]
Statenville District
Duke, William T.    Jan 1859    School Teacher
[Note:  Another son of Wm. G. Duke.  He was born in Pike County, GA]

1870 Census Monroe County,GA
Johnston's District:
HH 639 Green Duke    79    M W    Farmer        $3000 $800 SC
       Nancy Duke    75    F W    Keeping House            SC

HH 640 Martha Darden 33    F W    ?                        GA
       Eula Darden   15    F W                             GA
       Nancy Darden  12    F W                             GA
       Lucy Darden   10    F W                             GA
       William        8    M W                             GA
[Note:  Green Duke was a son of Stephen Duke of Upson County, GA and his first wife Mrs. Mary Geotche (Goutcher) McKee.  Nancy was nee McKee.  Martha Darden was a daughter of Green Duke and Nancy McKee.  She had married Augustus Monroe Darden and she later moved to Cleburne, Johnson County, TX]

Lamar County, GA, Cole Cemetery:
Joseph W. Duke    Nov 19, 1847    June 19, 1859    son of W. G. and E. A.
[Note:  This was a son of William Green Duke and Elizabeth Angeline Cole.  He was killed by his horse when he came up out of a stream as he was "skinny-dipping."  From Barnesville, GA go South on U. S. 41 for 4.7 miles to cemetery on left of Road.  Recorded April, 1974]

Baldwin County, GA
William Dukes = Polly Harris        Nov 21, 1811

1810 Tax Rolls:
Capt. Gunn's Dist - William Duke

1820 Census Jefferson County, GA:
Green Duke, 2 white males under 10 years age, one white male 16-25 years age, one white female under 10 years age, one white female 26-45 years age
[I suspect that this was Green Duke, son of Stephen Duke and his first wife Mrs. Mary Geotche McKee]

1910 Census Lowndes County, GA
Dukes, E. H.   M W    46    mar 23 yrs.    carpenter
Dukes, Agnes   F W    32    mar 23 yrs.
Dukes, Lena    F W     2   
Dukes, Oscar   M W    24    weaver
Dukes, Buelah  F W    14
Dukes, Willie  M W    12

[Note:  Elijah H. Duke, son of William Green Duke and Elizabeth Angeline Cole.  Agnes was nee Turner and his 2nd wife.  They were married March 6, 1907 in Lowndes County so they had not been married 23 years.  His first wife was Margretta McLeod who he had married Mar 1, 1883 in Lowndes County.]

John M. Duke   M W    55    mar 37 years,  #190
Virginia Duke  F W    55    mar 37 years    mother of 10, 7 living
Annie Duke     F W    18

[Note:  A son of William Green Duke and Elizabeth Angeline Cole.  Virginia Narcissus Adams Bloodworth was the dau. of John Quincy Adams Bloodworth and Mary Jane Brady.]

Monroe County, GA

Amanda Duke = John Burt         married November 22, 1838
[Note:  This was Nancy Amanda Duke, dau. of Green Duke and Nancy Jane McKee.  She married John Anderson Burt]
March 1842.  Monroe County, GA.  John E. Duke was a Justice of the Peace.
[Note:  He was the oldest son of Green Duke and Nancy Jane McKee.  He was the one who entered a caveat against his grandfather, Stephen Duke's Will in Upson County, GA

Greene County, GA Marriages:
Robert Duke    =    Patty Holloway        Feb 19, 1800
Isham Duke    =    Elizabeth Sherrel    Oct 1, 1806
Green Duke    =    Ann Robinson        Aug 5, 1830

Coweta County Chronicles.  1928.  DAR. p. 70:
"David Dukes, the sheriff, absconded, owing many debts, and leaving his bondsmen to settle his defalcations."

Taliaferro County, GA Deed Book A:
May 14, 1819.  Richard B. Fletcher & James Read, Adm. of Buckner Dukes to James W. Fannin, all of Hancock County.  Test:  Henry Long, Barnes Newsom.

Mar 18, 1826.    William Janes to Edward Janes.  Test:  G. R. Duke.

Mar 18, 1826.  William Janes to Robert C. Gibson.  Test:  G. R. Duke

Wayfayers in Walton
, p. 48:
James & T. Duke, Charles Duke

The Georgia Black Book, Vol. II:
p. 17.  Thomas G. Duke and Louisa Duke nee Webb    November 29, 1825.

[Note: They were married in Fairfield District, SC on June 23, 1820.  He was a son of Stephen Duke and his first wife Mrs. Mary Geotch McKee]

p. 18. Joseph Duke and Jane Duke    December 27, 1826.

[Note:  Jane was nee Smith and was a widow of Rene Cole whom she had married May 30, 1811 in Wilkes County.  Joseph Duke was a son of Stephen Duke and his second wife Sarah Webb.  At that time, divorces were only granted by the legislature]

Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Warrants, 1817-1853.  Hahn, 1986.  Receivers Ledger at Cahaba Land Office, March 1819 to September 1819, Book 301:
May 6, 1819.  Joel Duke, purchaser    Conecuh County    Section 4, Township 6, Range 10.

Military Land Warrant Certificates issued at the Land Office at Centre, 1855-1860.  SG 5165:
April 23, 1851.  Warrant# 4600.  Joel Duke, warrantee, Location: 17, 25, 5.  Located by Joel Duke.
April 23, 1851.  Warrant# 4600.  Joel Duke, warrantee, Location: 19, 22, 4.  Located by Joel Duke.

1860 Census Macon County, AL, Northern Division, Auburn P. O.  July 12, 1860, #226:

A. G. Duke     37    M Farmer   700   200 GA
Nancy          38    F                    GA
Frances E.     18    F                    AL
Mary J.        16    F                    AL
William        13    M                    AL
Martanica       9    F                    AL
Emily A.        7    F                    AL
Paschal         6    M                    AL
Matilda         4    F                    AL
John Wright    10    M                    AL
Mary Paterson   6    F                    AL
James B Duke    2    M                    AL
Nancy Duke      1    F                    AL  

1860 Census Monroe County, AL, Burnt Corn P. O.,  #453:

Albert Dukes   38    M Farmer  2500 10000 AL
Rebecca        30    F                    AL
Franklin        8    M                    AL
Elizabeth       6    F                    AL
Emma            4    F                    AL
Saml            8/12 M                    AL
James Saulter  16    M   2500             AL
John Saulter   14    M   2000             AL

Moses Duke was enumerated in Cobb County, GA in the 1834 State Census

Green Duke Probate:

"Liberty Hill, Georgia
September 23, 1878

Mr. T. J. Blasingame, Ordinary

I make this my application for letters of administration on my father's estate, Green Duke, late of Pike County decd. Please run the citation & I will be up at the proper time with Securities, etc.. Respectfully, John E. Duke, Letters of Administration granted November 1878"
[I found this in the Probate Judge's office in Zebulon, GA I did not have time however to look for records of the disposition of the estate.  Hopefully, the records will list sales and disposition to heirs. If you are ever up that way, you might want to check them out. Green Duke and his wife Nancy Jane McKee are buried at Liberty Hill Church in now Lamar County, GA. They lived about a mile westward toward the town of Milner.

The only John Duke that I have found as a son of John Earl Duke is Thomas B. Duke, born 7 Feb 1839 and died 26 Feb 1906 in Santa Anna, TX. He married Sarah E. Thomas, born 28 Apr 1840 in GA and died in Santa Anna, TX on 14 Dec 1930. I have the names of 14 children born to this family.

The Duke who married Amanda C. Gardner in Monroe County was Thomas D. Duke, born ca. 1824 in Jefferson County, GA and died before 1891 in Union County, AR. They were married on 6 November, 1862. She was wife # 2. He was the son of GREEN DUKE and NANCY JANE McKEE and the brother of the above John Earl Duke. My ancestor William Green Duke was their brother also.   Wife # 1 was Mary Ann Adams whom he married in Monroe County on 25 March 1847. After marriage, they had moved to AR where she died and then he returned to Monroe County and married wife # 2 and then later returned to AR.

[The Will of Stephen Duke was admitted to probate in Upson County, GA and it was challenged by the Rev. John Earl Duke.  On February 11, 1845, a Special Jury found against the Caveator of Stephen DUKE'S will. This Caveator was John E. DUKE [son of Green DUKE and grandson of Stephen DUKE and 1st wife, Mary Goutcher McKee].  Reference: Will of Stephen DUKE, Estate Records, Upson County, GA. It was admitted to record on February 15, 1845 and recorded March 4, 1845.  In this will, Stephen Duke mentioned all his children born by the first two wives. He did not mention his step-children, Agnes "Nancy" McKee or Elizabeth McKee Howze. Elizabeth Howze and family were in Heard County, GA by that time.]

[Is the above mentioned Henry Duke, Sr. also known as Capt. Henry Duke who was hung by the British after the unsuccessful attempt to retake Augusta? And is the Henry Duke, Jr. also known as Henry T. Duke who died in Jackson County, GA before 1860? This latter Duke was the son of Capt. Henry and Lettice Duke. Lettice Duke named him as her son in a deed executed in Habersham County, GA for her property which was located there.  Or is the above Henry Duke, Sr. the son of Thomas Duke, Esq. who died in Morgan County, GA? This latter Henry Duke died intestate in Newton County, GA, if I remember without looking it up after 1820. I do remember a lady from Floyd County, GA who joined the DAR on Capt. Henry Duke and she stated that Charles Duke of Floyd was the son of Capt. Henry Duke who was hung. My William Green Duke was born ca 1820 in Jefferson County, GA. He married Elizabeth Angeline Cole of Monroe County, GA on 2 January, 1845. They resided in Pike County, GA until ca 1864 when they moved to South Georgia and settled in Echols County, GA. He died about 1890 and is buried in the Carter Cemetery at Sardis Baptist Church in Echols County, GA. He was a son of Green Duke and Nancy Jane McKee and a brother to: John Earl Duke, born 28 June, 1817 in probably Kershaw County, SC. He married Mary Ann "Polly" Gardner on 8 September, 1836 in Monroe County, GA. John Earl was a Primitive Baptist preacher and a farmer. He died on 12 July, 1903 and is buried in the family cemetery across the road from his home in Spalding County, GA.]

[Thomas D. Duke, born ca 1824 in Jefferson County, GA. He married Mary Ann Adams on 25 March, 1847 in Monroe County, GA. Moved to Union County, AR and later were in Union Parish, LA. First wife died and came back to Pike county, GA where he married Amanda C. Gardner of Monroe County, GA on 6, November, 1862. Moved back to Union county, AR where he died between 1880 and 1890.]

[Nancy Amanda Duke, born ca 1825 in Jefferson County, GA, married John Anderson Burt in Monroe County, GA on 22 November, 1838.]

[Wellington Duke, born ca 1828 in Jefferson county, GA married Leatha Gardner. They moved to Newton, MS where they later were deceased.]

[Elizabeth Susannah Duke, born 27 November, 1831 in Monroe County, GA. She married Thomas Washington Bloodworth on 24 June, 1847 in Monroe county, GA She died on 29 July, 1903 and is buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery in now Lamar County, GA then Pike County.]

[Martha Jane Duke, born ca 1837 in Monroe County, GA married in 1853 to Augustus Monroe Darden. Moved to Cleburne, TX where she died 9 March 1899.]

[I have been reading about a Green DUKE marrying a Nancy CUPPS. As one lady has written recently there were many Green DUKE'S which has caused much confusion to researchers. What further complicates this is that most of them had a middle name which began with an "R".

The Green DUKE that was reported to have married Nancy CUPPS is undoubtably the Green DUKE, born 29 November, 1790 in Camden District, SC. He is the son of Stephen DUKE and his first wife Mary, whom he divorced in 1796.

This Green DUKE married Nancy Jane McKEE, born 25 May, 1795 in Camden District, SC. She is reported by some researchers to be the child of Thomas McKEE and Mary Ann CRENSHAW although I have found no data to document this. After marriage, Green and Nancy Jane DUKE had moved to Jefferson County, GA by 1820. There they are found in the Census and Tax records of that county. Also found there is Mitchell Thomas DUKE, son of Green Robert DUKE, late of Chatham County, GA. Stephen DUKE and Green Robert DUKE were brothers and exchanged several deeds of property and slaves reserved for each other's children. Stephen DUKE had remarried to a Sarah WEBB and had moved from SC to Hancock County, GA and then to Jasper County, GA when the deeds were exchanged.

Green DUKE and his wife Nancy Jane McKEE had moved to Monroe County, GA by 1830. His father, Stephen DUKE, had moved to Upson County, GA with his third wife, Sally BROWNING. Later he married his fourth wife, Sarah BROWN in Upson County. Stephen DUKE died testate in Upson County ca 1844.

Green DUKE
died in Pike County, GA on 17 February, 1873 and is buried in the cemetery at Liberty Hill now located in Lamar County, GA. His wife Nancy Jane died 25 May, 1877 and is buried beside her husband. The church at Liberty Hill was once known
as the County Line Baptist Church because it sat on the Pike and Monroe County line.

As far as Green Duke marrying a Nancy CUPPS, I can find no documentation concerning this.   Henry DUKE, who died testate, being hung by the British on 18 September, 1780 after the  unsuccessful attempt to retake Augusta, GA is said by some to have had an illegitimate child named Nancy CUPPS.

For many years, I did not know that Henry DUKE had a son who later went by Henry DUKE, Jr. and sometimes Henry T. DUKE. I accepted what Mrs. Davidson had extracted in her book concerning Wilkes County, Ga records. But upon getting a copy of Henry DUKE'S Will I discovered a son named Henry who he bequeathed 200 acres of land. Best NEVER to trust any extract!

The will of Henry DUKE is a document that is hard to read. The part concerning the bridle and saddle left to "a daughter of Nancy CUPS suposed [surpased?] to my [sic] and ..." is no exception. The wording of the legacy is vague and incomplete. I can draw no
conclusion without further investigation.

If Nancy CUPPS married the Green DUKE, born 1790 then she would be more than 10 years older than he. This Nancy CUPPS must have been related to the Michael CUPPS mentioned in the grant of land given to Henry DUKE when he moved into the Ceded Lands [Wilkes County] from SC. I have seen a genealogical sketch on Michael CUPPS and it does not mention a Nancy!]

[Some researchers believe that Henry DUKE and the Robert DUKE mentioned previously were brothers and were the sons of John Taylor DUKE. I can find no documentation to verify this. I do know that Robert DUKE married Priscilla CRENSHAW whose father Joseph CRENSHAW died testate in Lunenburg County, VA. Some researchers believe that the Lunenburg County connection makes Robert DUKE a son of John Taylor DUKE. However, Lynn Teague (an ardent SC Duke reseacher) and I have discovered that there were other DUKE families found in Lunenburg and Brunswick Counties at that time. Also she and I have been trying to prove a relationship between Robert and Henry DUKE in SC. Mrs. Brandenberger in her first DUKE book states that a land memorial recorded in SC proves that they were brothers. Lynn and I can not find this memorial.

I would like to prove this as I am a descendant of Robert DUKE through his son Stephen and his grandson Green DUKE. As far as I know, this Green DUKE had no middle name or initial. Yours...Joe Lineberger]

[Thanks for the reply. The Will of Henry Duke was not lost in a fire but can be found in the courthouse in Washington in Wilkes County. What I mentioned in my e-mail about Henry Duke, Jr. shows up in your above extract of the will of Henry Duke. The above extract does not mention him. But if you go to the actual will, it mentions "my loving son Henry Duke..." whom he bequeaths 200 acres of land.

The will of James Duke of Wilkes County is the one that was lost in a fire in the office of a lawyer who had borrowed the will book from the courthouse.  James Duke is mentioned as a brother in the Will of Henry Duke. The  William Duke who took an inventory of Henry Duke's estate is Lt. William Duke who served under his Uncle, Capt. Henry Duke in the Rev. Cause in GA. I believe him to be a son of the above mentioned James Duke.

I am presently looking at a copy of Henry Duke's will. The precise wording concerning the bequest of a horse, bridle and saddle reads: "I give my loving son Charles my saddle horse bought of Frederick Runnels after this legacies is given according to my desire to all my children to have in equal shares of the remainder of living after a horse, saddle and bridle to be given to a daughter of Nancy Cups surposed[?] to my [sic]..." The will legacy concerning the daughter of Nancy Cups is vague. The word "my" is very distinct but then moves to instructions concerning his honored father and mother to care for the children without any instructions or words that would indicate what possession "my" indicated.

Capt. Henry Duke had been forced to leave his home in the "Ceded Lands" [Wilkes Co.] and flee for his life. He was paroled by the British [allowed to return home on promise that he would be a "good boy"].  According to British correspondence, he had violated the terms of the parole and at his capture upon the defeat of the Georgians at the White House near Augusta, GA, he was "instantly hanged". Others were hung inside the White House while the leader of the Tories, who was wounded, watched in glee. I believe that approximately 17 were hung. The bodies were turned over to the Indians, who were aiding the British, and they threw the bodies in the Savannah River.]

[Henry Duke
had a nephew, Lt. William Duke, who served under him. William Duke survived capture and finally died in Marion County, GA many years later.  There is a book that has come out in the last 10 years that sketches the GA patriots and gives their residence at death. The research that lead to this book is faulty, at least relating to Duke patriots.

They give the above Henry Duke as the one dying intestate in Newton County, GA but this Henry Duke is the son of Thomas Duke, Esq. of Morgan County, a brother to Capt. Henry Duke.

The book lists William Duke as dying in Upson County but there are no probate records there. There is an affdavit there that he filed for a Rev. pension. He is later found in Harris County briefly and then the family states that he actually died in Marion County where some of his children moved.

The book also gives the John T. Duke who died testate in Newton County as a Rev. Soldier and the is the John Taylor Duke who received three grants of land in GA for his Rev. effort. This John T. Duke seems to be too young to be the John Taylor Duke who was born in VA before 1710 and shows up after the War in Wilkes County, GA. There is no evidence that the John T. Duke who died in Newton Co. in 1849 was ever a Rev. Soldier.]

Wilkes Co., GA, Deed Book MM, page 348, a deed conveyance, Smith to Jones on Fishing Creek, dated February 23, 1792, the tract described as being adjacent to Henry Duke and Duke's orphans.  [These were probably the orphans of Capt. Henry Duke who was hung by the British after the unsuccessful attack upon the town of Augusta in the fall of 1780. His children were Thomas, Charles, Henry Jr., and Miriam Duke Russell. Also some claim that he had an illegitimate daughter named Cupps mentioned in his will. I have a copy of the will but it is too vague to determine this claim.]

Green R. DUKE
, of Chatham County, Georgia, on July 15, 1808 conveyed to Stephen DUKE of Hancock County, Georgia by deed..."all that tract of land in county of Randolph [renamed Jasper] late the county of Baldwin...". This tract of land consisted of 202-1/2 acres and was known as Land Lot 144 in the 14th District on the waters of Murder Creek. The deed specified that the land was to be held in trust for Joseph and Moses DUKE who were minors.  Reference: Deed Book 1, pages 175/6, Jasper County, GA. [My note: Joseph and Moses were Stephen's children by his 2nd "wife", Sarah Webb.]


"Aug. 31, 1812; Sept. 9, 1812, To Eliza Maria Hughes, stock of cattle left me in Will of John Bonnell of Screven Co. To William Wilkie To Ann Duke, dau. of Green R. Duke To Dr. Michael W. Hughes To bro: Edward Hughes of Philadelphia, address by letter to Phillip Smith Mentions his lands in Wilkinson Co., and half part of a negro girl called Harriet in which Mrs. Winefred Bonnell has a life estate. Exrs: friends, Dr. Michael W. Hughes, and Green R. Duke, Esqr. Wit: Anthony Butler, T. Hall, John Pettibone, Esqr." Ref: "Abstracts of Wills, Chatham County, Georgia", p. 67

M. T. Duke took over the management of a plantation on Ossabaw Island in 1861.  
Ref: "A Georgia Planter and His Plantations". The North Carolina Historical Review. 1938, p. 363  [My note: This must have been Mitchell Thomas Duke, son of Green Robert Duke.]

"Mrs. Achsah Duke, aged 65 years, 1 month and 23 days, died near Savannah, Ga., Aug. 2, 1867. She was born in West Dennis, Mass., June 10, 1802, moved to Savannah in November 1820..."  Ref: "Southern Christian Advocate Notices 1867-1878, p. 25

I found Mitchell T. Duke and his wife Achsah living in Chatham County, GA in 1860 in the census. A young child, named "Green Duke" was living with them. I assumed that this was a grandchild. By 1870, Mitchell T. Duke and wife can not be found and "Green Duke" was enumerated in an orphanage. I can not find this child after this. And also I can't find the Census extract, when I do I will send it.  

Clarke County, GA 1833, Estate of Beverly A. Duke by Wm. Stroud, Administrator Edington Duke, Security.  Buyers at Sale: Wm. A. Duke (legacy) Macy Duke   (legacy) Edington Duke (her) land in Meriwether County Ref:  Estate Records, Clarke County, GA