Deed Conveyance, Moses Dukes to Micajah Hughes
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Lancaster County, SC Deed Book M, page 455
"State of South Carolina
Barnwell District

Know all men by these presents that I Moses Dukes of Barnwell District in the State aforesaid Planter in Consideration of the Sum of Five hundred Dollars to me paid by Micajah Hughs of the Said District in the State aforesaid, have grantd bargained Sold & Released unto the Said Micajah Hughes all that Tract of Land Containing Five hundred acres more more or less Situate in Lancaster District on the waters of & Drains of Singleton Creek on the N. E. Side Wateree River; bounded on the N. E. by Land laid out -- to John Dunn & vacant Land on the SW, on Land laid out to John Gillespie & vacant Land & on all other Sides by vacant Land at the time of Survey, and hath Such Shape form & marks as the above Platt presents. Together with all and Singular the Rights members Hereditaments and Appurtenances to the Said Premises belonging or in any wise incident or appurtaining -- To have & to hold all and Singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Micajah Hughes his Heirs & assigns forever And I do hereby bind myself my heirs, Exec'rs Administrators and Assigns to warrant & forever defend the aforesaid Premises unto the said Micajah Hughes his Heirs and Assigns against myself & my ??? & no other person or persons whatsoever claiming or to claim the same or any part therof --

Witness my hand & Seal this 20th day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand eight Hundred & Seven & in the thirty Second year of The Independence of the United States of America
(signed) Moses Duke (Seal)

Signed Sealed & delivered in the Presence of
(signed) Onesanny D. Allen
(signed) Zebulon Smith

South Carolina
Barnwell District

Personally came before me Onsanny D. Allen C C Pls Zebulon Smith who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God saith that he was present & Saw Mosed Duke Sign & deliver the within Deed for the uses & purposes herein mentioned to Micajah Hughes & that Onsanny D. Allen and himself in the presence of each other witnessed said the due execution of the Same.
Sworn to & before me Viz
3rd August -- 1807
(signed) Zeb'n Smith
(signed) On D Allen CC pls

South Carolina
Barnwell district

Office of Register of ??? Conveyances Recorded in Book C, page 239 the 3rd of Aug't 1807 &Examined
Ons. D. Allen

Recorded the 29th Jan'y 1833 (Lancaster)"

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